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Asthma History


I was a prem baby (2 lb 7 oz) in 1963. I had severe asthma until I was 9 requiring 12 weeks in hospital age 8 (Llangwyfan ‘chest hospital). No problems at all for many years then age 48 I got an awful chest infection requiring steroids and was given 2 inhalers (salbutamol and cleanup). I’m 54 now and over the years I’ve had 3 or 4 times each year that have required oral steroid tablets. My asthma nurse in GP surgery has tried me on various inhalers eventually saying ‘there’s nothing else I can give you’. I’ve had a spirometer test 2 times in all these years. I have no written action plan. The advice the nurse gave me was ‘blow up baloons’

I go to my GP as soon as my chest starts growling and rattling and when I’m constantly needing the salbutamol. I’m currently using Seretide250 2 puffs twice a day.

Because I don’t think I have asthma attacks as such I feel im a bit of a nuscience to the asthma nurse. When I ask to see her she always says ‘see you in 12 months’ so now I just go to GP who gives me prednisone.

I don’t feel this is really best management of my asthma but feel powerless to do anything. I also gave Rheumatoid Arthritis and I’m a type 1 diabetic (diagnosed 1973).

I would appreciate any comments/advice. Xx Cathy

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Hi Cathy Firstly I agree with you this isn't the best management of your asthma. You are not powerless to change things and you can change how your asthma is treated.

It is wrong for your GP to say that there is none thing more than he can do. There is a lot more that can be done there are lots of different inhalers out there to try. e.g. I use to be on Seretide 250 2 puffs twice a myself and last year was change to Fostair Nexthaler 200/6. It is new inhaler and works quicker. I am very happy with it.

First piece of advice ring asthma uk helpline on 0300 222 5800 Mon-Friday 9am-5pm and talk to them about what has been going on and what is happening now. They will advise you on how to get the help you need and how to keep yourself well.

To manage your asthma you need an asthma plan. This page will help you get an asthma plan so you can write down what your asthma medication is e.g Seretide 250 two Puffs twice a day. If you need help to fill this in then you can ask the asthma nurses to help you do it while you are on the phone to them.

Lastly you may have to push to get the treatment but you can do it. I know its hard sometimes to be brave. I have had to learn to be brave e.g I have been so many times to the doctors in the last 9 months that the receptionists recognize me on sight and some don't even ask me my name. I must admit to getting feed up at times. I have had the throw the toys out of the pram moment a lot lately. ( I have another long term health condition too). So I had lots of visits to the local hospital as outpatient appointments too in the last 6 months.

You can get the help you need and we are here to support you too.

This is poor. If the inhalers work for you, you probably do have asthma, so you should have the action plan. The next time you see your GP say that you want to see a consultant as you are unhappy about taking all these steroids. Take a friend or partner with you to see the consultant if you can, and get it sorted out so everyone is on the same page with your treatment.

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