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Does rain trigger asthma?


Hi everyone, I’m new here and trying to work out what triggers my asthma. I’ve had it all my life but in the last 7 months it’s got worse, 7 asthma attacks, 4 times with the paramedics coming out and 3 times to hospital. The drs are still trying to work out which meds work.

My question is, is it possible for rain to be a trigger? I know the cold sets it off. I woke up as this morning and it’s raining. I had 4 x fostair 200, 1x spiriva and 8x ventolin by 11am. I was thinking about calling an ambulance . I’ve been at my sons sports day all morning and we go outside to the freshly mown field and my symptoms clear up. I’m fine for the rest of the day until we go to leave and it starts to rain again and my symptoms come back.

It does seem to be a pattern but I didn’t think rain could be a trigger.

Any advice would be welcome, thank you for reading.

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I read somewhere that rain brings down all the pollen and dust that has been high in the air down to ground level, so that it increases the allergens that we are inhaling, which worsens asthma symptoms. Seems logical, but others may have better reasons!

Yes for me too ....any sort of weather change starts mine off ....if it's humid my asthma gets worse ...I told the nurse but there's not I can do about the weather changing x

Rain absolutely does trigger asthma , especially after a dry period .

Sorry to hear you’ve been suffering. Could it be the humidity? I know I always struggle in it and a good thunderstorm clears it.

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Yep it's the humidity with me it drives me mad x

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