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Late Onset Asthma Diagnosis


Hello everyone, I am a 53 yr old female diagnosed with late onset asthma. I visited my doctor 10 years ago with breathing problems, esp during the night, when I would wake up gasping, taking in air but appearing to be holding my breath. The Dr listened to my chest, said I wasn't wheezing, so it wasn't asthma, neither did she suspect Sleep Apnoea. She sent me to hospital for an ECG, COPD test (never smoked), GORD test and a chest x-ray. All came back normal so they put it down to stress. Nothing changed, in fact it had got worse so I went back to the doctor in April this year after an irritatingly tight chest (like someone had their hands either side of my ribs and was squeezing me together), breathlessness, and a dry cough which I could not get rid of, which woke me constantly during the night and on occasion made me vomit. After describing my symptoms to a different doctor said she would give me a blue reliever inhaler to aid any discomfort until another chest x-ray was done. She then listened to my chest and said I would need the brown inhaler too. A Spirometry test was done (2 weeks after I had began to use the inhalers) which was normal, but the asthma nurse did say it would produce a normal result if the meds were working and the asthma was under control. My best peak flow is 310. Three days after starting the inhalers, the cough had gone and I felt much better and now I sleep through the night. I still have my moments of breathlessness and an occasional tight chest but I am learning what my triggers are and taking control of them. Hope this helps others.

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Glad to hear things are under control. Like you I have late adult onset asthma. Mine was mild for 12 years but have got worse in the last 2 1/2 years. However due to the brillant nhs now really well controlled at the moment.

All our experience added up to help other workout what might be going on with their own asthma. ☺

Hi, I was diagnosed early this year with asthma and I'm 62. I use a fostair inhaler morning and night. My pf is 300 - 340.

I know this will sound quite daft but Im very much in denial. I do get breathless walking and can't stand strong smells.

I had a spirometry test 2 years ago which was ok, not been offered another.

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