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Discomfort under ribs


Hello, does anyone else get discomfort under their ribs (upper stomach) when they are reacting to pollen? It is lower down than chest tightness (mid chest) under the sternum, but disappears when I take fostair inhaler so I presume it is related to asthma?

I have a lot allergies; inhaled, food and contact. Plus I also have GERD. This seems specific to pollens. Not relieved by normal acid reflux medication. Does anyone know if it is allergy related or just an odd asthma symptom?

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Hi Strong mouse

I do sometimes under my ribs not sure what causes it, I thought it was just me.


This is exactly what I have been going through I've had ambulance out before as the pain is unbearable. I having a ct scan on the 30th December as at the moment I am being told its the muscles between my ribs and the pain is as bad as what people experience in pain in a heart attack, and paramidics told me that! Sneezing, coughing and lifting heavy items. This pain is so bad, I'm hoping that the ct scan will show something, muscle spazzing is the worst, u have consultant now so hopefully u will get it sorted. I will let you know what my outcome is x

Certificate 000

I had a cat scan a couple of months ago got the all clear but the Dr put me on stronger inhaler, as was Struggling a lot, now back on my normal one.

If I'm having trouble again I have got to ring him up and he'll up my dosage again.

PS hope your ct scan goes well.

I dunno I had it - I have allergy type asthma which until recently was uncontrolled, I also had recently reflux but I am on seretide. It seems to have disappeared now managing on meds and treated reflux and pnd.

Had ct scan and they think that I have a ucler on my lung and then doing a biopsy I'm so scared I just can't carry on feeling like this, sorry I am so down my poor boys have watch me in so much pain. Need advice on what is going on with me help please x

Hopefully they will be able to treat it Certificate100. Waiting for results and then the answers is hard because of the uncertainty. Maybe you could speak to your GP about your concerns and see if he can help explain what it means and treatment? You will have a follow up appointment with a doctor. Pain is so debilitating.

I've never had this but a duodenal ulcer which was painful and cleared up with treatment over 6 - 8 weeks. The investigations will help them pinpoint exact cause and treatment options.

Take care. You can get through this for the sake of your lovely boys, and come out the other side.

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