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Have cleaning products affected your asthma?


Hi all,

I think a few people have mentioned strong reactions and asthma flare ups when using cleaning products. We're looking to have a chat with someone has been affected to share their story.

If that sounds like you DM me or drop me an email on aghosh@asthma.org.uk



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I have been affected a few times by strong smelling cleaning products and air fresheners

I can't use any commercial cleaning products at all. As I have brittle asthma and only use natural cleaners in my house.

Yes, cleaning products affect me, especially floor cleaning liquids. I am also affected by the perfume in detergents & fabric conditioners, any aerosol products and scented bath products.

Hi Dita,

yes, I had to give up a well paid cleaning job because of the products used. At home I use damp cloth for dusting,washing up liquid or sugar soap for heftier cleaning, bleach and toilet cleaning products and thats it. When doing cleaning job I was getting very wheezy and tight chested. A lot of the products were sprays and doubled up. Could have easily cut them to a minimum of half dozen or less.


Hi Anniecath, CDPO16, Asthma-girl and asthmatim

Thanks for sharing, if you're happy to talk to us a bit more, do DM me your email or drop me a line at aghosh@asthma.org.uk

Thanks, Dita

I find one of my main issues is the chlorine based cleaning products often used in hospital!

I can normally managed it ok on placement by avoiding bed spaces being cleaned (and it doesn’t cause as much as an issue when I’m more stable) but as an inpatient it can really exacerbate things sometimes!

My main issues are bleaches,hardwood floor cleaners, purfumes and colones and washing detergent and even essential oils

Hi Dita

Yes strong smells affect me, eg.

Perfumes, Cleaning products with bleach in, Scented Candles, soap powders, strong smelling plants.especially Chrysanthemum.


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