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Intal/Tilade - Medication for exercise induced asthma


I have been doing some research whilst trying to rest up after the weekend, and it seems there are some medications around which target exercise induced asthma.

Generally my asthma is reasonably well controlled, but exercise remains an issue for me. For example this weekend, I used ventolin before I started, but within the hour, needed to have 2 x 2 puffs more to control my symptoms, and have continued this week to have trouble.

I know montelukast is the first choice, but I've tried this and it doesn't seem to help. There appears to be some inhalers, Intal and Tilade too. Does anyone have any experience of these inhalers? Has anyone found them to be beneficial?

I'd like to suggest these to the asthma nurse, but would like an insight into them first.

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Don’t know about Tilade, but I was on IntalCo (a combination inhaler comprised of Intal and Isoprenaline, now no longer available) as a child. It did a good job of controlling and relieving my asthma, but did not prevent me getting attacks during aerobic exercise (sustained running for example).

This is useful thank you. Hope you managed to find something equally effective when you moved from this.

Glad it’s of use. To be fair, I was an undiagnosed asthmatic for five years as a child (even though I’d had quite bad eczema for much of my first year of life and there was asthma history in the family). But this was the 1960s and the medical profession almost seemed to want to deny the existence of asthma back then. Taking ventolin prior to exercise doesn’t work for me either and I resigned myself to not being able to do any sport that involved sustained running years ago. Doesn’t stop me keeping fit though:-).

Wow that must have been quite scary for a young child not knowing what was wrong! Glad things have improved in the medical profession over time.

Ah that's a shame that you've been unable to do that kind of exercise, but glad you find ways of keeping fit. Im finding it very frustrating. I used to be able to run, but that's not an option now. Anything that involves sudden or sustained cardio is causing me trouble but I'm stubborn and aren't ready to give up. I just fear the not being able to catch my breath and tightness hence why I want to investigate alternatives!

I do classical ballet (without the pointe work) and as a child I also did gymnastics. Both are brilliant for overall fitness and although aerobic exercise is involved it only comes in short bursts (with a break in between) which my lungs can usually cope with. I always have a ventolin with me in studio, just in case, and my teacher is fully aware that I have the condition.

I have a few memories of what it was like to be a small child struggling to breathe (I was eight when I was at last diagnosed), but I often think it must have been much, much worse for my parents - even more so as my mother was certain it was asthma and spent those five years fighting the GP about it. She got there in the end after a particularly bad week and the GP agreed to a referral to a paediatrician. The consultant I saw had no doubts at all and put me straight on to the IntalCo. I’m not exaggerating when I say it changed my life.

After I came of IntalCo (my choice, I had moved to another part of the country and it was no longer so effective but not long after it was withdrawn anyway) it was another ten/eleven years before I found something that was as good as that had been. I was put on Becotide (beclometasone), which was never as good. I’m now on Flixotide which seems to suit my version of the condition very well.

Oh wow, ballet looks so graceful, I'd love to be able to do it but I have zero flexibility ha ha. I tried gymnastics as a child but I couldn't do the splits and remember the teacher pushing on my shoulders to try and force me, the final straw came when they laughed at my cartwheels attempts. At an age where I was already body conscious, I gave it up as a bad job!!

Good on your mum for pushing the Gp to get you referred!

Glad the fluoride seems to suit you.

You don’t have to be that flexible to do a beginners class in adult ballet and to be fair, in both ballet and gymnastics flexibility is only an asset if you have the strength to control it (as I’m all too well aware:-).

You could look around and see if there is a class near you if you’d like to have a go. Beginners classes are often quite good fun, with a range of experience varying from zero to those who’ve been doing it for a couple of years. Explain to the teacher that you’re asthmatic. A good teacher will be very understanding and sympathetic.

Really? Do you know then, I might just do that!! I'll see what there is in the area. There are plenty of dance schools egg so I'm sure there will be something. It'll be nice to focus on something I can do rather than getting cross because of something I can't! Thank you :-)

If there’s a dance outfitters near you (for leotards, ballet shoes etc) you could also ring them and ask for advice on adult classes. They normally have a very good idea of the local classes and schools.

Good luck! Let me know how you get on:-).

Good idea, and i will do x

I was on Intal 1972-2000 (?) and since then Tilade and both have been discontinued. They both worked extremely well once I started cmbining them with Becotide (now disscontinued in the UK). I'm desperate to find an alternative to Tilade.

Because I can't tolerate the steroid type preventers, I asked for Intal or Tilade too last year, and both the doctor and asthma nurse said they weren't effective enough! I'd have liked to try though ...still, if they're both unavailable now....

I do wish there was still something available as a preventer without steroids.

Still trying to work through side effects of Uniphyllin, and very hopeful I'll be able to use my water rowing machine again ...even if only for short spells.

Failing that, perhaps I'll seek a personal trainer for a few one to one gentle exercise sessions.

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