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Describing what it is like to have asthma?


Hello everyone I really hope you are all ok.

It's been a really challenging summer with the high temperature and humidity.

I know from a previous post that alot of you are struggling at the moment and I am with you on that one, I think that the weather has made asthma unpredictable this then makes it harder to control.

So then I was asked what it feels like to have asthma the other day this was my answer "like a 10 tonnes of weight on my chest struggling to catch my next breath with my body feeling really weak"...How would you describe it???

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I always say it feels like an elephant is sat on my chest and weak.

Like the strongest possible elastic band is round my chest and an incredible feeling of fear with it. 😣

It feels like breathing threw a straw or drowning in water.

You are so right about it being controlled properly. I feel like my lung are being squeezed and panick with breathless. It takes me time to eat and swallow drinks.

If I do drink it must be not too cold and certainly no ice!

Luckily now feeling a bit better but will have to see the nurse as my asthma this year is certainly not under control!!!

So sorry for everyone who has Asthma. Of course this year has been terrible, it’s been a real struggle. Haven’t ever had hay fever so that has been an extra problem.

I did read somewhere they have made a breakthrough with Asthma and within the next 5 yrs there will be a cure. I do hope so.

Like having a tight band around my chest, struggling to take a deep breath all the time which is quite scary! :-(

Drowning on air

A tight band around your chest (my gp thought that might have been a heart problem, it wasnt)

Like someone's playing rugby with your lungs

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