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Hyperthyroidism and asthma


Anyone have hyperthyroidism and asthma? I’ve had hyperthyroidism but pretty normal with medication for years and suddenly this year had acute asthma attack and couldn’t breathe. I think I either got it from exposure to mold, a stomach virus or maybe hyperthyroidism.

Anyway I’m on qvar and spiriva but since my spirometry tests barely improved I was also given montelukast. I read that montelukast can cause hyperthyroidism and wondering if it can also trigger it? Having multiple illnesses and medications are complicating things and I just want to breathe normally again so I can take my sons to LEGO land and do things with them again.

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I had a period of viral hyperthyroidism with asthma. I used to have to stop half way up the stairs because I got so tight chested and out of breath, resting heart rate was around 120bpm. I'd use ventolin to help my chest, but this would increase my heart rate seven further making it very uncomfortable.

Have you had your bloods checked to make sure your hyperthyroidism is still being controlled?

I was on montelukast at the time but there was no mention of it causing it, it was just viral.

Hi! Thanks for your reply. My endo has my tsh at 2.9 because she’s afraid if I get hyper it’ll trigger my asthma. But she also said my other numbers like free t4 is normal. Has the montelukast helped? Do you have symptoms from it? Did your hyperthyroidism go away?

I'm not on montelukast any more. I was taken off when my asthma symptoms had improved. I didn't really feel any different off it, so mustn't have had any symptoms.

I was on carbocysteine for a while then my TSH went through the floor and I ended up hypo. They waited for my levels to return to normal and that's where they stayed.

I've been told that at some point my thyroid will probably pack up and I'll end up hypo, so it's just a matter of time.

I think a TSH of around 3 is good (been a few years since I was researching in great detail), I think the temptation is to keep it too low, which causes more problems.

Wow that’s awesome that your asthma symptoms improved! Do you think it’s the result of your thyroid being stable as well?

Tbh I'm not sure if the two were linked or just coincidence. My asthma tends to have periods of being good, and then going downhill again. I tried to go back on montelukast when it's got not as good again, but this time had no effect (or any side effect)

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