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Bring on the xolair!


So I FINALLY have the ok to start xolair and should be starting it on the 23rd! Woooooo! I’ll have to have injections every 2 weeks but compared to hospital every month I’m more than willing to go along with that if it helps!

But it definitely couldn’t come soon enough, have been feeling rough for a few days and so decided to wander over to a&e yesterday evening for a check over and some nebs (as my new house is only 2 streets away!).

Cue me rocking up to the walk in bit with a completely silent chest, unable to speak, sats through the floor and generally causing panic all round 😂 oops....

So I’m now sat on my old friend IV aminophylline on respiratory HDU and have just had critical care mentioned to me as a legitimate possibility if I deteriorate again 😔 I’ve had critical care outreach review me a few times before but the possibility of going up to ITU hasn’t ever been brought up before - so fingers crossed my lungs stabilise today and then behave themselves tonight!!

Hope everyone else is well and managing to enjoy the sun rather than suffering in it!

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Good luck. I hope things improve for you.

You poor thing, I do hope you start to feel better soon.

Thank you both, I’m getting there now. Managed to avoid itu just about but still on hdu at the moment - hopefully will be stepped down to the normal ward tomorrow!

Hold onto the hope that Xolair will work, and everyday you will be closer to getting It. It worked for my son. He started in December and peak flow went up by about 100 overnight. Just Very rarely an extra puff of Symbicort with wheezy episodes that improve fast. You deserve a break and hope you get it. You get used to the 2 weekly injections...I phone when we are are on our way and they get it out of the fridge. After the injections we have to hang around for half an hour in case of anaphylaxis ...nothing ever happens, doesn’t even need plasters. Next stage is to increase to every 3 weeks. Best of luck

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Thanks! That’s good to hear, I’ve always been a pretty allergic person even before the asthma kicked off so I’m pretty hopeful it will help. Plus I’m at least starting my trial as the pollen which is my main trigger starts to decrease which should help too

Almost spoke too soon on the ITU front! Reflared this afternoon and had to have some more magnesium and hydrocortisone plus about 6 extra back to back nebs!

The respiratory reg thought I was quite likely to be ventilated but thankfully my blood gases and chest had started to improve by the time the ITU registrar arrived so I’m staying on HDU and back to being watched from afar by them - hopefully this unit will stay quiet enough for me to not need moving for monitoring either.

Even more keen to avoid it as the ITU team said in my case they wouldn’t want to do a pre-emptive intubation (I guess maybe as I haven’t before?) so if they needed to it would be in an emergency “crash” situation - not something I want them having to do with my super spasm-y airways! 😂

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