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Saved by a tiny wheeze


Last night I had an asthma attack and was taken to hospital by ambulance, when the paramedics arrived they said my chest was clear so no meds. In the ambulance they said my pulse was to fast (150) for nebs so they just have me oxygen, even though I was coughing and short of breath. When we arrived at hospital this doctor finally heard a "tiny wheeze" and I finally got a neb then had to wait many hours for another one.

We ended up In majors for around 8 hours in total as it took forever to see a doc.

When we got to the hospital the paramedic also said it wasn't my asthma cause my oxygen levels were good I then argued that my sars almost never drop and I hardly ever wheeze!!


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Paramedics are great but they are not trained doctors. Maybe you could get a note from your GP to say you don't have normal asthma symtoms (atypical?). I know they have to make a quick assessment but it must have been horrible for you to feel so unwell when you know what your 'normal' symptoms are! Hope you're feeling better. x

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