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Anyone else having problems getting Salbutamol and Flixotide prescriptions. Never had any problems in 27 years at this surgery, new doctors now and I can only request within 7 days of items running out - how can you tell how much is left in salbutamol? They are questioning dosages I take of all meds, am allowed both my insulins on repeat but can't have needles - am getting really fed up with having to repeatedly go to the surgery to request items. Prior to new doctors I would order all my meds for the following month in one go with perhaps a few items ordered mid month, now I am doing 3 or 4 requests a week. Am seeing one of the new doctor's this morning please keep your fingers crossed for me

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I have accuhalers for both these medications and accuhalers have counting devices. I do have a salbutamol evohaler along with a spacer, but that is only for use if things are getting to the point where using an accuhaler is getting difficult.

I have to say I think your surgery is being a little unreasonable. What happens if you are going away? I always order medication two weeks in advance if that is happening, just in case there are problems in getting the medication. You could try making that argument.

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