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Air Purifiers

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Lots of information about a possible forthcoming panic situation with pollen and thunderstorms. I am a chronic asthmatic with bronchiectasis and wonder if anyone knows if air purifiers can help? My Singing for Lung Health teacher has a Dyson (top of the range) and thinks it is wonderful. I've looked on the Which website and it seems there is a cheaper version which is just as effective, made by Vax. Any thoughts?

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I use a hepa filter Prem-i-air with anion in my bedroom. It is effective against pollens. I just change the hepa filter once every six months and wipe it to keep it dust free. Ensure that that the air - filter copes with the size of the room you want to use is in. It doesn't work aganst chemicals such as cleaning chemicals, paints etc. but it is a lot less expensive than many other varities and effective against pollens. I've not tried either the dyson or vax ones.

You can leave it on a low fan to leave on overnight with timer. Ensure that windows are tight fitting and that window seals aren't worn, plus doors draught free. Keep bedding pollen free too so if you have doors / windows open during day cover with clean sheet and carefully take off at night. Put air filter on before going to bed and have a shower to remove pollen from hair and skin.

I use a larger one in the sitting room. Pollen tends to be higher in the late afternoon evening and early morning.

Thinking ahead so that you are prepared will help you to feel more in control. It is horrible!

I use the Dyson air purifier and find its very helpful.

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