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Inhaler trials Alvesco and reflux with Seretide Serevent


After going round in circles for about 3 years now I can say with alot of certainty that the common denominator in my reflux struggles is the LABA Serevent. I'm not sure its caused it I think that was oral pred. I've kept a diary now and all the bad reflux is when I'm on Seretide and Serevent. I have tried Alvesco but I'm not convinced it works for me and it makes me feel peculiar when I take it and I so wanted it to work. Seretide has been brilliant for my asthma control but its now time to rethink. My next step is to use Flixotide as the steroid and possibly a SABA if I need it. This is what I used back in the the day the brown blue inhaler combo it was not as good as Seretide but I cannot live with the reflux. I'm dosed up on PPIs Gaviscon etc etc and they hardly take the edge off at times. I see a consultant and my GP is good and I've got all the 3 inhalers separately. I also struggled to get my last Alvesco inhaler due to supply issues which seem ominus to me. Sorry if my posts are turning into blogs but it helps me writing it down and hopefully will help other people.

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I am fairly sure when I take clenil, which is a corticosteroid, it gives my reflux as does my nose spray.

There are studies that show a link for oral corticosteroid.

And for inhaled corticosteroid,

Using a spacer seems to negate the problem.

Hi mine is most certainly the LABA which if it does relax the LABA makes sense. So far my steroid nasal spray and inhaler have been OK.

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