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Montelkast Singulair and reflux indigestion

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Has anybody linked their reflux or any stomach issues with Montelukast? It's the only thing I've not tried cutting out but there seems to be reports of it causing stomach issues and reflux and it is listed as a possible side affect. I don't think it was the start of my reflux but it might be aggravating it.

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Well I have reflux and I am on montelukast. However I feel that post nasal drip and asthma may have caused this issue not montelukast.

Asthma causes Reflux, but there again post nasal drip causes reflux and also causes asthma with or without the Montelukast 😂

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Beans1980 in reply to Prestart55

Thanks Prestart you know whats its like you try and unravel it. I know for sure that Seretide makes the reflux worse but im not sure its causing it. I do get PND and have just started some stronger drops to tackle that. I know i feel pretty low with it as if asthma isnt bad enough with reflux its hellish. Im going to give the Montelukast a miss and see what happens I've found that the only way is to try it and see what your body says.

I know tell me about it!! Then no one can see the massive chest pain etc. And think you are making it up!! Yes you try to unravel it and it could be anything. Reflux and pnd make your chest really sensitive to triggers as well.

I sympathise a lot as I only just got sorted out in the last few days it's been a changer so hang on. I am on seretide too it got a lot worse when started seretide too so there may be something in that, but had to start seretide as was struggling in hot weather when it started. I am managing on lanzerople (or however you spell it!) A PPI proton pump inhibitor for reflux and also steroid nasal spray plus my seretide and salbutamol and px antihistamines. I am using gaviscon advance which actually helps a lot.

Yes you could give it a miss montelukast to see as well it depends if you have allergies you might be better taking it.

Also try eating small meals and not lying down after meals and look up triggers for reflux like caffeine, tomatoes etc. Drinking lots of water helps. Also don't eat 3 hours before bed and lift the bed 10-20cm with books or bricks!! I haven't tried the bed yet tho!!

Well its possible, this site estimates 1% have acid reflux.

Plus stomach pain is listed as a side effect.

I've been trying for the last six months to get off monelukast however, the reflux and chest pain becomes unbareable after the second day. I never had reflux before. I want to stop taking it because it is causing blurred vision along, sleep issues and weird stomache cramps. I've been on it for over 10 years for asthma and it has taken me this long to notice that the side effects are causing me issues. The doctors never make the connection that each new complaint is a side effect. I want off but, I don't know how to do it with the chest pain.

Girlgreen, it’s as if wrote my story! I’m so glad I found this post. I’ve been on montelukast for about 9 years and I’m just putting together the connection of the possible insomnia and stomach pain. I’ve tried to get off at a few times but the heartburn becomes unbearable within a few days. And I’ve never had heartburn before.

I noticed you posted about a year ago. How are you doing now? Were you able to get off? Did it help the insomnia? Did the heartburn go away?

Hi I’m sorry for your troubles get off it and ask the doctor for something for the reflux. I’ve been off Montelukast for about 6 months and it’s helped a lot.

Thank you so much for your response! What symptoms have gotten better for you since you stopped? I’m glad to hear it’s been better for you.

Hi there I’m quite lucky in that I’m under a consultant for my asthma and he referred me to the Royal Bromton in London. It was them who suggested getting off the Montelukast. It affected my sleep and my stomach and it was a contributing factor to my gerd. Unfortunately with asthma we are predisposed to reflux etc and the Inhalers, steroids and anti biopics all contribute. I had a massive hiatal hernia but the doctor said sometimes it starts with indigestion the LES gets weaker then the hernia develops who knows. I’ve tried everything under the sun all the hippy cures and supplements etc just ignore most of this as it’s mostly rubbish and I can list all the things that have helped my Asthma and Reflux:

PPIs I take Omeprazole 20mg in the morning

75mg of Ranitadine at night

I take 2 separate inhalers which is not what my GP wanted but I leave a good hour between the LABA and the Preventer

I take Serevent and Alvesco I was on the purple inhaler but that killed my throat and made my reflux worse. I always use a spacer!

I use a device called Iquoro just look online to help all my eating, swallowing and breathing muscles

I also use a device called Powerbreathe to strengthen all my breathing muscles as these help with asthma and reflux

I eat well loads of veg etc and I only have the odd caffeine drink and a small amount of alcohol at the weekends

I take a soil based probiotic and a digestive enzyme

Now this might seem like a lot but I can guarantee it will help your asthma and your reflux. I wish you well I know what it’s like to feel ill all the time.

Thank you for all this great info. I’ll keep trying to stay off of it and take other meds for the reflux.

I’ve taken omeprazole before and it gave my migraines and insomnia so fingers crossed.

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Coldpay in reply to Beans1980

HiHow long did it take for the reflux to go away

I stopped my meds a day ago

I have a pressure like feeling in my chest

I do not have asthma but suffer from sinus

Hello everyone. Thanks for your all answer. I used montelukast for 5 days only. After get away for 5 weeks now my reflux and indigestion bloating and bas breath dont go away. I m using omeprazole but i cant sleep , eat properly. Even cant drinking water.

How long should i wait to see improving symptoms ?

I m really concerned about hiatal hernia. How was your hiatal hernia diagnosed. What was your symptoms sir. Thansk for help and answer

Hi my hernia was diagnosed with a barium meal test

Hi There. How did you feel after first using Montelukast? Did you have any side effects? Our symptoms are similar, hard to swallow at times. (even saliva)

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Beans1980 in reply to Tinktonk1

Hi there I stopped using it it did not do anything but it fed into a bigger reflux problem for me. I now use Oxis as a LABA and Alvesco as a steroid.

i know this is an old post, but this is happening to me now. of course when I mention it to the doctor they insist this never happens and is not connected.

It’s not quite the same as my reaction was more severe but it might help add weight to your concerns. Within an hour of taking montelukast I had severe indigestion, then horrendous cramps then vomiting. It lasted about 6 hours and got progressively worse with each dose. Only took it for 3 nights and my reaction was severe (GP said 1 in 20 react the way I did) but it did start with indigestion x

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Emzcat41 in reply to Emzcat41

Just saw this was posted 3 years ago oops

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