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Alvesco what are your experiences

I'm about a month in from switching from Seretide 250 x 4 a day to Alvesco 160 2 in the morning and Serevent 25 x 4 a day. I'm not sure that this combination is working for my asthma as well as seretide? I used to get oral thrush with Seretide even woth a spacer gargling etc plus I thought it might have made my reflux worse but I actually now think it was the LABA serevent. I cough for about half an hour after taking Serevent and produce a bit of gunk and I'm not sure if thats good or bad?

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I found I could only take one puff in 24 hours of Serevent because it causes wheezing if I take more. 'Searched with google and found that it causes wheezing because it is in a powdery medium which accumulates in your lungs. Even worse, just this week a GP informed me that they suspect Serevent of turning simple colds into pneumonia. 'Makes sense because the last two colds/flu I've had (just getting over one now) brought on horrific asthma and coughing like I've never experienced before. The GP said this wouldn't happen with Serevent if I used a steroid preventer at the same time.


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