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Pollen, symbicort Smart and ventolin


Any help or advice would be really very much appreciated as I don't know what to do for the best.

Briefly I have mild asthma. I say mild as it has gone undiagnosed for years. Diagnosed 2 years ago amongst recurring pneumonia. Because of the pneumonia I am on Symbicort Smart regime.

I have never had an asthma attack but I have been told that my asthma must be sensitive. This is after I reacted badly breathlessness wise after beigg started on a low dose Beta Blocker.

I have noticed that I do struggle when the pollen count is high. Today I have had antihistamine and my Symbicort morning dose (I am very careful with my maintainence) but I was still struggling. I struggled in the night and took a ventolin. I took another ventolin at 7am and have been fine. Now, I have 11ish I am struggling again. I want to have a ventolin but I am resisting because I'm not supposed to use the ventolin because there is reliever in the Symbicort. I just don't feel that the Symbicort offers me the same relief though.

What do I do? I really feel like I need the ventolin.

If anyone has any tips on how to get through high pollen days with asthma I would really appreciate it. :)

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I would take the Ventolin if you feel you need it. I take Symbicort on the SMART regime where I normally take two puffs in the morning and two in the evening, but I can take an additional 8 doses through the day if I need to. After a bad exacerbation in March due to the flu, I was told that if I get bad, use the Ventolin first and then the Symbicort so that the Ventolin opens the airways allowing the Symbicort to get where needed, if this makes sense. I know I am suffering too. The heat and humidity don't help. I am looking at the forecast with dread. It's not fair. I suffer with the pollen and heat, but in the winter I suffer with bugs and illnesses. I think my best time of year is late summer, early autumn. Oh well, that's life. :-P

hygge in reply to emmasue

Me too! I dread October and what follows and I dread May and what follows.

Thank you for your reply. That does make sense about opening the airways to get the Symbicort in, thank you.

I called AsthmaUK nurses because I was worried and confused. I had a conversation with such a lovely, calm, supportive and knowledgeable nurse. She advised that I call the GP and I'm awaiting a call from GP on call. She suspects I have got to the point where I need a dose of steroids and mentioned monkulast for the future so I have also made an appointment to see the Asthma nurse next week.

I have taken the ventolin as the nurse advised and know that I'm on 'dodgy' asthma territory and to be very self aware.

emmasue in reply to hygge

Glad the asthma nurse was helpful! I've found AsthmaUK an invaluable source. I am just coming off a dose of steroids, but the asthma is acting up again. I have an appointment with my consultant soon, but I might not be able to wait as long.

Oh well. Hope you feel better soon. xxx

Tre in reply to hygge

Great advice, the nurses are excellent. I’m having to use the ventolin a lot at the moment despite being maxed out on meds - Fostair 200, Alvesco 160, Fexofenadine 180 twice daily, Dymista nasal spray, Monkalucast, oral steroids for the last 6 days - so all I can do is stay indoors with my air purifier & do as little as possible. I don’t want to end up in A&E , thankfully seeing the consultant on Mon he might have some new magic meds 😀.

Take care x

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