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Hello - I'm new here although I did loiter for a while some years ago :)

So after a few years of denying that I my Brittle Asthma was out of control I've now agreed to go with the Zolair trials. I'm a little nervous but have lots of faith in my amazing team - Consultants, Nurses etc. They are all marvellous and I know I'm very lucky. The injections start tomorrow, and my biggest fear is that I'll have a negative reaction to them. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who's undertaken them.

Thanks You

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I’ve only just seen your post. My now 21 yr old son started Xolair about 4 yrs ago and it turned his life around. Within about 3 months of starting Xolair his asthma massively improved. He’s still on maximum medication and if he gets a cold he gets wheezy but otherwise really well. It was like a miracle to us. Also, he didn’t have any reaction to the injections.

All the best and do let us know how you can on. xx

Morning. I was on xolair for a year. I started it in feb 2017 and came off feb 2018. I didn’t really have any major reactions to it other than it made me really tired for the rest of the day that I had it. Mine was stopped as it wasn’t really effective enough. It helped a little for the first six months but I found I was still having many hospital admissions (8 from September to the feb when I stopped). My consultant is now thinking again about treatment options. Good luck with it I have heard of many who have had amazing results from it. Just didn’t work for me. X

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Sorry to hear that. I hope an alternative treatment is found and things improve for you. xx

Hoping it works well for you! You'll be well looked after, don't be anxious. All the best.

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