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Asthma and allergies


Hi all,

Needing advice.

I’ve been asthmatic for over 10 years and found out around 6/7 years ago, I’m allergic to dogs and cats. Then about a year ago, my allergy doctor also thinks I’m allergic to car fumes and dust mites and allergies can also be triggered by alcohol.

So I am on montelukast, fexofenadine (recently changed from desloratatine) and opatanol eyedrops daily.

Trouble is... all the symptoms remain, watery bright red eyes, cough, runny nose, heavy breathing. I ended up with a chest infection for 7 weeks (7 different types of antibiotics and 6 lots of steroids until one worked) over the winter period.

Ends up I have to take piriteze on top to calm symptoms (I know I’m not suppose to)

My doctor has said there’s nothing else they can give as I’ve had the strongest antihistamines the NHS offer and it doesn’t touch the edges.

I have all the anti allergy bedding, air purifiers etc

Any advice on what I can do?!

Thank you

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What dose of fexofenadine are you on as there are two strengths 120 and 180. I do also believe you can possibly take two 180mg tablets a day (do check this all with your dr before doing it though). Have they talked about using theophylline tablets. They are a different form of bronchodilator that may help the asthma x

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I’m on 180mg a day plus montelukast. I’m allowed to take fexofenadine twice if needed. I found desloratatine worked better but was On 3 tablets a day.

Thank you, I’ll ask about theophylline

Hi there,

You don't say whether you have cats or dogs at home? IF you do, I'm really sorry to say you will have to give them up. There is no getting around a severe cat/dog allergy particularly when you have asthma. No amount of anithistamine will completely block the reaction if you are being constantly exposed to cat/dog dander, in the same way it will not help against peanuts if you have a peanut allergy and you expose yourself. These allergies tend to be severe. It is the protein in the saliva that is triggering and no amount of vacuuming hair will erase it.

Now with regards to the dustmite. I have the same issue. It is very severe. I do not sleep in my bed and haven't for 4 years now. I sleep on a fake leather sofa, which is dustmite proof and my partner sleeps upstairs. It is that bad. There is no certifiable proof that mattress covers work. Anywhere with carpets or heavy furnishings is a killer. Charity shops, libraries, book shops all triggering. Hotel rooms need to screened in advance. I decline invites to friends with carpets.😥

Like you at one point I was on on fexofendine 3 x a day at 180mg each tab. with otc piriton on top. The doctor can prescribe Fexofenedene up to twice a day I think, but an allergy consultant can prescribe more anything up to 4 times daily for a short while.

That said I found strangely the more I took the more I seemed to need. In the end I pushed hard for immunotherapy. Dustmite is everywhere and my quality of life dimished in front of my eyes. I am having the therapy now although they are only treating the DM. I'm allergic to cats but am told I can avoid them. It does not get rid of the allergy, but it has increased my tolerance level to a more acceptable level ie, I can now spend a bit longer in a bookshop, spend one or two nights in bed with my partner on a low dose antihistamine. The biggest benefit of the therapy is that I have been able to wean myself off taking high doseage Antihists daily. Now I just take them as and when, which isn't often anymore. This alone has made it worth it even if it hasn't been as successful I'd originally hoped.

So try that. You need to push hard though. There are few places that offer it and it is expensive for the NHS. I am truly grateful for being on the program.

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Dogs I’m not as bad around. I can sit with a long haired dog, no problems. short haired dogs is a no go, so I tend to stay away. I don’t have cats, cats are one of my biggest triggers, I can’t go in a room a cat has been in, within 5/10 minutes I have an allergy attack, so stay away from them as well!

Thank you for your advice I’ll look into it.


How did you find out what you are allergic too? If you have had a skin prick test then these are unfortunately not accurate and are more like a guide to possible allergies.

There are blood tests available and these are much more accurate.

I am also allergic to dust house mites and the advice allanna01 gives is good, no carpets (although I do have thin carped on the stairs) no soft furnishing. I manage to sleep in a normal bed. Regularly washing, freezing and replacing pillows, the plastic style mattress covers help but still you need to keep hoovering the mattress and wash the bedding often and the house needs to be airy, and as dry as possible.

Obviously you could be allergic to alcohol and car fumes but these are quite rare allergies, the cat and dog dander and more common. the big ones are house dust mites, grass pollen, tree pollen and mold.

Dr H Morrow Brown's website is one of the best I have found.

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I’ve had numerous blood tests form allergiests over the years. Some days are better than others.

Thank you for your help

Have you tried spending a week or so somewhere else? If you do and your symptoms improve, you’ll know it is something in your home. As Simon points out, allergy testing is not always accurate, though a very clean home can help! (Don’t do it yourself- get a cleaner in!)

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