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Asthma or something else


Hi , I have been suffering with a problem for about 2 years now , most days but not every day my nose seems to be blocked ver6 blocked I also experience a chest pain on the left side that comes for 1 second a stabbing pain always on the left and also I feel a bit tight chested. I have had lots of tests done in the doctors and they say it's not asthma , I do don't cpknow what to do because it is ruining my life , I have all the symptoms apart from the cough , I was wondering if any one could help me with this, thanks .

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I've ALWAYS had a blocked or runny nose. Always! I can always be relied upon to have tissues for others to use. Asthma didn't come up until I was almost 40.

Can you see a different doctor? One who is more interested in Asthma?

Sorry can't be much more help.

Is it reflux? I only saying as had chest pain etc and have acid reflux with asthma not sure which came first. Can have cough chest pain etc like you described.


Do you find your breathing fluctuates quite a lot in a short space of time &

do you feel like you have a lump in your throat that is very difficult to clear?

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