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Asthma - discharged but still pain when breathing?


Hi guys, advise pls?

Was cleaning bedroom on sat and triggered my asthma, went to a&e today and was put on nebuliser. Was discharged after and felt fine but since evening has came I'm finding my upper back and chest is aching again when breathing again? Had my salbutonol releiver inhaler but not getting better. finding it really uncomfortable and don't know what to do?

Been crying for half an hour because I'm frustrated with this pain

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Just to add that I was using cleaning products which is what triggered my asthma

Hi, if you are still in pain you should phone nhs 24 for advice.

So sorry that your asthma is causing problems for you.

If your asthma and pain symptoms are still there, particularly if your reliever is not help you then please contact NHS 111.

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