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Peak flow fall after taking symbicort πŸ˜•

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Hi all. Sorry to bother you again.

Following a recent flare I was prescribed symbicort and although my asthma nurse didn't advise me to do so I thought it might be a good idea to keep a record of my peak flow over the next few weeks till I see her again next month. They have been a bit all over the place for some time: about 2 weeks' ago, before starting symbicort, my PF was 550 - a record for me! - but in the last 3 days it's gone from 500, down to 400 and this morning it was 530, but it then went down to 460 about 15 minutes after taking my new preventer/reliever, I am on the SMART regime, (that was the first time I checked my PF within a few minutes after taking symbicort so perhaps I just need to continue to keep an eye on things?) My lungs have felt quite "antsy " for a while so I am not entirely surprised by the readings: I would be interested to know if anyone else has had similar problems.

Thanks, Flossie

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You just have to keep going - the medication takes a while to settle as you get used to it. Unless you are dramatically worse, I'd just see how it goes.

As you can probably tell I am still not 100% clued up on things, so thanks for your reply - trust you are having a restful weekend.

I would call the asthma UK nurses tomorrow and see if they recommend a review sooner.

I changed preventer (simbicort to fostair) at my GP request in October, because I was taking a lot of ventolin, and it didn't feel right (I didn't have a peak flow meter at the time). I put up with it for too long and now have brittle asthma - I had never been to A&E in my life with asthma, I've been about 10 times in the last six months and I've had 6 weeks off work. I'm still really unwell and can barely walk or do anything (last year I ran 5 half marathons and was planning a full marathon this year, so it's a massive contrast).

Do not put up with it without seeking advice when you feel worse.

Oh bless you- I am so sorry to hear how asthma has really adversely affected your life. I am grateful you told me though as it's hard to know what to do at times: I was dithery about posting here again as I don't want to be a nuisance, but I was shocked to see such a drop in my peak flow after taking symbicort so thought it best to seek advice from folks like yourself. I trust you won't require any further visits to A&E anytime soon, Flossie xxx

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Thanks Robin77 😊 You sound a lot like me, re the "wait and see" approach. I don't want to be a pain in the proverbial at my surgery & perhaps take an appointment away from someone else who needed it more than me... I may have a tendency to overthink things! πŸ˜‚ My peak flow is still lower after taking the symbicort though so I may need to speak to someone. All the best 😊

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