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Just had a lovely evening in A&E


Just had a lovely evening in A&E started by someone spraying perfume this afternoon at work. Numerous salbutamol not working, bad chest pain, hoarse voice, on duty gp phone call, then speeding down motorway to get to actual gp, nebulizer which didn't work, gp phoned 999, then ended up A&E looking like an idiot with 98% sats, clear chest x-ay, good blood gas!!

Now back at home, chest still sore just had all my evening inhalers too late to get steroids px by up earlier!! I am hoping to sleep tonight.

Work not particular sympathetic apparently they can only do so much.....(health professionals as well), can't really avoid spraying perfume in my face.....grrr!

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I hope you can rest tonight.

I can sympathise with you! I had to ask a male colleague to stop spraying himself with noxious deodorant in our small staff room. When I explained about my having asthma and bronchiectasis he was very apologetic but a little put-out and uses the bathroom instead-at least there’s an extractor in there.

We take the ability to breathe for granted and it’s not until it’s disabled in some way that we appreciate how debilitating our conditions can be, especially when those around us are insensitive to our triggers.

I work in healthcare too but it’s a small organisation so I suppose we are more aware of our impacts on each other. Hopefully, after this latest episode, your colleagues will be more aware of your health and you will feel more confident in politely asking them to not spray near you. Take care. X

Perfumes should be included in the clean air act. I've stopped flying because there's no escape, especially on the return flight when everyone's dowsed themselves in cheap[er] stuff. Deodorants don't need to be scented!

Interestingly in Canada there is legislation about this included in their disability discrimination act. Considering the number of people affected by perfumes I think there is a good case for arguing it should be included in the UK. It must cost businesses a fortune in sick days!

Maybe Asthma UK could start writing something for employers with research references on it?

Intersting article - allergicliving.com/2010/07/...

I hope you’re starting to feel better today

Thank you everyone I feel a bit better and voice improved although chest still sore. Started on steroids, but not gone into work today. I am hoping they work. I am still annoyed about work and especially my boss comment that they can't continue to accommdate me by not spraying perfume etc and to tell the Dr how it is affecting my life, and also colleagues stating it's not the perfume I have got stress despite being on seretide, salutamol. And montelukast. Apparently they don't know anyone with asthma like mine 🙄

Darceydoo in reply to Prestart55

Hi I see you’re on seretide I was pulled of it and am on Relvar elipta.

Prestart55 in reply to Darceydoo

I know it doesn't seem that great and put on it last weds and been I'll since Sunday. I preferred the brown but was on top dose!

Hi nicola

There's nothing worse than someone spraying perfume around, or even sitting next so someone wearing half a bottle of perfume.

Hope you feeling better today. Perfume should be banned from work place's.

Get well soon the steroids should kick in pretty quickly - fingers crossed. Just walking round the shops can set me off people don’t realise how much perfume/aftershave/deodorant they wear!!!! I certainly can’t go in a department store.

You will have to get some Asthma leaflets from your Asthma nurse or Asthma UK to show them, one which explains about Asthma, and how bad it can be. My work said I could not expect them to stop staff eating chocolates with peanuts in them if they wanted to.

You had a nasty reaction. Can I recommend carrying some spare antihistamines around with you? They may take the edge off it, should it happen again. I always carry Piriton, as well as my Adrenaline injection. I find the Piriton helps me when I have been to my friends house who has dogs I am allergic to.

I use a small ioniser worn round my neck which does help, but if someone sprayed it near me I'd probably react possibly also have a migraine. Perfume is a known trigger. Good idea about using the Asthma Uk leaflets.

I have been to Drs again as not brilliant, Also so tired. Chest pain improved but chest still sore on day 2 steroids. Saw yet another new Dr who stated I would have to wait for results from a&e and they will contact me and for the steroids to work. She didn't think my voice (hoarse) was an issue. Apparently my chest clear today but just done peak flow and 420 (before medicines) which is well below 550 personal best. I wish I'd have seen same Dr from Tuesday she was really good. I just got some piriton and also some cold and flu just in case got cold, and throat lozenge for throat. I am also on levoceterzine. The worse thing is being so tired...just not like me...off work again today. I was fit and well up to November last year before all this started.

I was thinking about getting an ionizer for the house see if that makes a difference.

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