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Since I have been diagnosed with adult-onset, this is my first time traveling. What do you recommend bringing along (aside from my inhalers)

Nervous about my upcoming trip and want to make sure I am as prepared as possible! Are there any thing other than inhalers that one would recommend bringing on a trip? I was planning to bring my Peak Flow Meter as well. Any advice would be appreciated!

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Take a copy of your repeat prescription slip, when we went all the medications where new and unopened in the boxes (so we could carry them on) they have to go into a clear plastic bag before you get to airport security

And the same on the way back but they weren't new then (but still in boxes with repeat prescription slip)


I did the same as you, although my medicines were not unopened as I'd been using them.

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I also took my peak flow meter and a supply of antihistamines (I take one every day anyway, but made sure I had enough to cover me with extra just incase)

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I always have an emergency pack which includes antibiotics and oral cortisone. In case of severe exacerbations due to infection. But you may not need this sort of thing.


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