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Peak Flow

I’ve been on fostair for around 3 months now. For the first month or so my PF was at 500. Whilst taking flutiform (the inhaler before fostair) my PF was averaging around 440. However recently I’ve been ill on and off (constant cold, fatigue, regular tight chest) and my peak flow has been averaging around 420 in the morning, and 450 in the evening. Has the fostair maybe just settled in my system and my PF should now be taken at best at 450? Or should I still go with it being at 500? (I am on new medications and trying to get out of my current situation which is what has been causing my being ill recently)

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Most of the asthma meds have side-effects that get worse with constant use. That's why I use them only when I can't fight the weather with aspirin and hot drinks - bit.ly/salamol and facebook.com/aspirin2relief/


I having a rough time with my asthma and other breathing conditions. I changed to fostair a few months ago, and has made a huge difference.

Do you suffer from hay fever?

This is what is causing myself and a lot of others to struggle so much at the moment.

I spent 8 days in hospital and came out last weds after having aminophylline infusion, IV hydrocortisone, magnesium and lots of nebulisers along with increasing my APAP machine use. Since been on oral prednisolone and reducing , I am getting worse again.

I would see your GP for an assessment if you’re really struggling.


I’m only wondering if my peak flow would have dropped or if I still class my best as 500. I’m aware of the issue and trying to deal with it right now, and my asthma nurse knows too :)


Sorry for trying to help


No need to take my reply to heart. I asked a question, and I thank you for your response but all I was wondering about was my peak flow


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