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Avamys alternative

I have post nasal drip which at present is being treated with Avamys. I have had one month with 2 sprays once a day then I reduced down to one spray then stop.

I was told to come back to the Doctors after a month. Its been 5 weeks and I still have post nasal drip so going back to the doctors. Its like having a permanent cold with catarh constantly pouring down my throat.

I have been on Becanose which worked for 4 months then stopped working. I was then treated successfully for a nasal polyic. I also had a two week course of high dose steriod nasal drop (from my consultant)which got rid of my blocked nose. (Very allergic to house dust mite, acid reflux and I have hayfever)

Anyone else have any suggestions?

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Hi Elenaoali

I am on Dymista nasal spray & it sorted the post nasal drip for me! Hope you get sorted soon, I also have hay fever x

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I hope things soon improve for you. I have post nasal drip which manifests as a dry cough for the last few years.

Initially I was on flixonase, then beconase and now avamys. 2 sprays to each nostril twice a day.

I use neilmed nasal rinse twice a day before the sprays

I also take a daily antihistamine - desloratidine as ceteririzine was causing some drowsiness for me. I take it at nighttime as am more allergic to dust than pollen.

I still have a cough and am mostly a mouth breather but it does help me.

More recently I was started on montelukast. That made a big difference in terms of the frequency of my coughing, reducing it significantly during the day. Its worth asking about.

I was also told to try dymista if the montelukast doesn't clear it up but just haven't been home for a while to fill that prescription.

I can also use Otrivine when it gets bad, but never for more than 7days in a row because of the risk of rebound congestion with it.

These changes were all suggested to me by my local reap clinic, along with the delightful news that it likely won't properly clear up and I could be coughing for the next 20years, haha :P (occ health are going to love me :))

Anyway, I hope the doctor tries something more are there are several steps to the treatment and management of allergic rhinitis which causes post nasal drip so see what they can try.

There is also a chance you might have chronic sinusitis - a weeks course of antibiotics can clear that up. Good luck


Thank for the reply. I already take monkelaust (allergic asthma)for last 2 years night and a prescription antihistamine for hayfever. So thats covered. I will see what the doctor says tomorrow.

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Hi there,

I totally agree with Tre, Dymista is worth a try, I use it in the summer when my allergies are worse and use Avamys in the winter. Another trick you might want to try, and this was recommended by my ent specialist is to use Otrivine nasal spray about 20 mins before your steroid nasal spray. The Otrivine is a bit like ventolin for the nose! or at least that was how Ent guy explained it to me. And it unblocks your nose and sinuses so that the steroid spray can get where it needs to go. You can buy it over the counter or on the shelf at your local pharmacy. It's not expensive.

The only important point about this, is that Otrivine is not a long term solution, you can use it now and then, but don't use it for more than a couple of weeks , until things have calmed down, or you can cause yourself more problems. (or at least that is what I was told, and have followed that advice.) if you feel you still need to use it, then I would go back to the doctor. The problem with post nasal drip is that it can really cause a bad asthma flare.


R x


Hi risabel59 I have just re read your post and found your comment at the end of the post. It was about that post nasal drip can really cause a bad asthma flare up. I thank God that it hasn't. Since March when I had a flare up its been fine. I had a reaction to my husband use gloss paint and the thunderstorm last month.Just some tightness in my chest.


Sinus wash is also very helpful. Hope this helps


Hi all thanks for the advice I have an appointment at 10am this morning. Will post an update when I been to the doctors.



I’m on avamys year round, dymista during allergy season and flixonase nasules when it’s really bad... this optional mixture seems to work well for me and stops me becoming ‘immune’ to one type of that helps

Hope you got on well at the docs x


I have seen a GP and talked about my post nasal drip. The doctor read through my notes and the letter from the consultant. We discuss my symptoms and she decided to write to the consultant for advice.

She told me to stop the Ayamyts as it wasn't working. So now I am waiting to see what he says.


I was prescribed Nasonex & it does the job for me!


I take mometasone furoate with two sprays in each nostril twice day. Two sprays once a day or one twice a day (per nostril for both) is usual, but it wasn't cutting it for me.


So what do you do?


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