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Hi everyone I’m home now came home this afternoon not succeeded to lower the steroids like we wanted as lungs wouldn’t let me had 3-4 attacks while I was in there so only got to 35mg got to stay on that dose till I c them in clinic in July but that now the planned maintenance level as can’t cope my lower at the moment so not happy with myself feel like have let myself down but will c what happened when go back in July the doc said we will try again to ween again well that’s me I hope everyone else having a better time enjoy the sun take care

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Tracey, You have definitely NOT let yourself down. You could not have tried harder. It is what it is, outside your control, and you will have another go later in the year with lots of support. Don’t beat yourself up. Just be as kind to yourself as you can. Thinking of you. Jo

Tracey1972 in reply to Billygoat

Thank u just gutted got down to 30mg in February and ended up putting them back up to 40mg 3 weeks before I went in and everything just gone wrong this time x

I truly hope you can manage to sort out the steroids next time. Take care. Hugs

Thanks got asthma clinic at my local this week so that b interesting to c what they say x

Let's hope they can come up with something. July is a long time when you're not well. I hope you feel well enough to enjoy some of this nice weather.

Thank u x

I think you have done extremely well to get down to 35mg.

Take care

Feels good to get back to your home and own bed I bet!!! Rest well my friend 😘

You should be proud of yourself in reducing the steroids even if it is only a little bit. It is hard tapering off any medication so "well done!". Take care xx

Well done is the first thing to say. Yourself is your own hardest critic I know I good at that. I pray that you find the wisdom to know what to do next. Already praying for you.

Tracey1972 in reply to elanaoali

Thank u

welcome hugs :-)

Thank u u and everyone for there support everyone been so kind

Much as we all hate the steroids they can be life saving and, as my Dad used to say,”keep taking the tablets”

Don’t beat yourself up, you’re doing fab and enjoy being at home in the lovely weather x

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