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The Big Day

Good morning everyone

As we all know today is quite a special day

Harry and Meghan are getting married today and I was just wondering what everyone is doing for it

How many have actually come to Windsor to witness the events that unfold to that, how many are having street parties

Tell me what all of you are doing

I'm one of the crazy people who've actually come to Windsor today to witness it, I'm local so it wasn't hard but was busy

However, even though it's a special day it doesn't mean our lungs behave

So how's everyone's lungs doing today ? My asthma is playing up a bit but I think I can manage

My peak flow has been low (190 should be in the 260/70 range) for a few days and had a tiny amount of breathlessness but today the symptoms are on the increase and taken my inhaler a few times. I'm okay though x

Hope you all have a good day whatever you do today x

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My lungs are also not very happy at the moment! My peak flow is also about 190 (although for me that’s about 40% 😔) so looks like today will be spent in bed!

Hope you have a lovely day and your lungs behave! X


My lungs are also playing up my peak flow is about 150.


Hi all I pray that you all get better soon. I ill be watching the wedding from sunny Bristol. My girls are making afternoon tea. 🍵🍞🌞💑


I live up north and have American friends coming over to watch the wedding and have afternoon tea x


I'm flying off on holiday! Managed to get lungs to behave better than earlier this week but sticking them onna plane will probably produce some misbehaviour. Currently running through all the last minute 'do I have xyz' and wondering what item I will forget.

Hope everyone enjoys watching the wedding, will catch bits if I can. Also hope lungs behave :)


I am a republican and totally disagree with royalty. Most folk don't care tuppence and I do object to all the gushing about them. I will never know how others can 'worship' a bunch of aristocratic people who epitomise and legitimise class distinction in this county.

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Someone brought a TV into Emmy work today so we could watch it. I’m not entirely fussed about the royals but any event that celebrates love is welcomed by me :)

I’m also having some breathing issues today which is concerning as neither of my inhalers are making much difference :(


hmmm interesting, my lungs aren't happy today either :-(

I'm not really interested in the wedding, I was in work at 12 and not in the slightest bit bothered I was missing it LOL

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I don't think most folk are bothered in how a bunch of posh rich folk live LMFA. The media just love to make a big fuss and show a couple of hundred thousand waving frantically and sycophantically at them then claim that we all love them. Yuck! x

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