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I think I can solve Asthma

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Since I have been looking at my drug treatments I think I found the missing items which cause asthma. I think I have found the cure and is quite simple and to do with gut bacteria and how it affects the body to cause inflamation.

My cure is natural and I am still checking before I finalise a research paper.

I have severe asthma so I am nit saying this lightly.

It may also assist skin complaints

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At last! Can you work on copd next please? I would love a cure for that.

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WHOA in reply to hypercat54

When i said severe asthma it is COPD / Brittle Asthma / Asthma Severe but I have seen massive improvements and whilst I take medicines I do not need it I feel now. Blue ventolin is almost out now.

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hypercat54 in reply to WHOA

Asthma and copd are not the same thing and the damage can occur in different places in the lungs.

Um.. you didn't say massive improvements in your post but 'cure'. Is it changing now?

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Robin77 in reply to WHOA

Please take trusted medical advice before you decide your current treatment is irrelevant! Don't risk further damage to your lungs.

Wow... really... I will ask my doctor why he doesn't just fix my gut bacteria to solve my 31 years of asthma

Yeah. Will you ask him to contact my doctor too and and ask too please? Thanks. x

Absolutely... And everyone's doctor with asthma because it's a simple case of fixing your gut bacteria the nhs will lap it up after all I'm taking over £200 worth of asthma medications every nonth and all the doctor's need to do is show me to the yakult isle of asda??.... it's a miracle!!

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WHOA in reply to Chip_y2kuk

It is not yakult. However it is about biochemistry though

I smell bull shit .

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WHOA in reply to Griffon

I am happy for everyone to follow me on a trial. As I said I will publish research papers.

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katie-astrophe in reply to WHOA

Andrew Wakefield published research papers, didn’t make him any less of one.

There is certainly growing evidence of a link between gut flora and disease. Unfortunately, the effect tends to be very individual, and the same change may effect people differently. Finding the right balance is quite difficult, though I believe there are some bacteria which are generally beneficial to all, and some diets tend to promote these. I think, however, that a claim to cure asthma by altering gut flora is a bit premature, though I genuinely hope it works for you and you can let us know how you achieve it in more detail.

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Chip_y2kuk in reply to Superzob

I understand there is a link and medically i have also heard they believe a lot of what a baby comes into contact with as it's leaving a mothers womb may have some effect on baby's immunity and likeliness to suffer with allergies etc (there was some research on c section babies and natural birth babies)

However if there was a "way to solve asthma" with a gut flora altering tablet/drink/potion or even food...there wouldn't be so many asthmatics in the world

Last week I took part in a clinical trial at the Brompton where I had a bronchoscopy to collect samples of bacteria from my bronchi. They want to compare healthy people, mild asthma sufferers and severe asthmatics.

So these sort of things have been thought about and trials are already taking place. This certainly isnt a cure but more to help the severe and brittle asthma sufferers.

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WHOA in reply to

I explain a little more...

Magnesium calcium and potassium balance

Gut bacteria rebalance

Via natural antiseptic plants

Via natural antifungal plants

Via natural blood pressure reducing plants

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Chip_y2kuk in reply to WHOA

The magnesium and potassium may be where you've made a difference... low/high levels of both are known to cause problems with breathing causing asthma like symptoms... low potassium can actually be a side effect of bronchodilators like ventolin.. which can cause breathing problems and cramps

Anyone who says they can balance the ph of your body with diet is talking total nonsense. You cannot change the ph of your body with food. Food is broken down into simple compounds. Your stomach is so acidic no food can change its acidity. But dont take my word for it, get a school book on the digestive system.

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Tugun in reply to

Hi, I know you can unbalance the body with the wrong foods. An example is Coca Cola. Too much and the body tries to balance the pH by taking calcium out of our bones to keep the pH balance of the blood within a certain range. I also know that when I changed to a high alkaline water, I finally managed to get well enough to go back to work from Chronic Fatigue. It was definitely not the only thing I did and I don't want anyone to think that it is a cure for Chronic Fatigue because it was not. However, after getting well enough to try to get back to work, I would start experiencing the symptoms again until I started taking this water approx.pH 8.6 and this definitely got me "over the bar". I still take it 10 years later and know when I stop drinking as much because I start feeling off again. BE CAREFUL if you are reading this because YOU CAN ALSO GET TOO ALKALINE. There is an enormous amount of research into the gut and other areas that are turning previously held views taught to the medical community completely around. Do not rely on information taught 10 or 20 years ago. Each person's body has different needs and the food we eat does affect our health.

in reply to Tugun

Your natural stomach ph is between 1.5 and 3, coca cola has a ph of about 2.5 it would make no difference to your stomach ph. I dodnt know where you are getting your information from but it is nonsense. There is a lot of new knowledge regarding gut bacteria but this knowledge is current so I repeat, your stomach is so acidic no food can change its acidity.

The body is good at fixing itself, you are getting cause and affect confused with your recovery.

My attacks are non existent now.

Everyone looks at alternate whatever their illness is, no one wants to be ill. Good luck with your research you will be a multi-millionaire overnight!!!

I have completely reversed/cured Bronchiectasis with GAPS diet to treat leaky gut. Been free of symptoms 3 years now.

Diet is important and I am pleased for those who have found things that help them. I think the environment and amount of pollution is important too and our genetic make up. I agree that changing diet may help some people but I think it is too sweeping and verging on 'preaching' and shows a lack of understanding to suggest it is a cure for everyone.

It will I am sure be of great interest to many people here as long as it does not come with an extraordinary price tag available only from xyz health website. Forgive me if I come across as slightly cynical but I have heard of - and tried - quite a few 'cures' for illness over the years. Only a few helped - none cured - and they were mostly not the expensive or pricey ones.

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