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It’s been a while

Back in A&E with an asthma attack after going for two months without having one, quite a victory for me!

Trying very hard not to get frustrated but what is happening to our NHS? I used to think it was due to government cuts but I wonder if the levels of basic care have gone. I sat waiting to be taken to resuscitation and could hear the nurses debating where I should go as they hadn’t got the room and my SATS were 100% my SATS are always 100% but I had an audible wheeze and had been wheezing for an hour and a half!

I’ve now been here nearly three hours and have not seen a doctor, yet someone’s who’s come to A&E with sunburn has been given advice and treatment! 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ what is the world coming to?!

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Hi RD23

Sorry to hear you were back in hospital with your asthma. How are you feeling now?

We have an asthma attack recovery plan that might be useful for you:

We also run an Asthma Support Programme which aims to help you get control of your symptoms and cuts your risk of an asthma attack.

Take care,



Hi Dita,

Breathing wise I’m fine thank you, my ribs are just very sore as I’d been wheezing for about two hours when I finally stopped!

I’ll have a look at the recovery plan, thank you.


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