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New Omron U100 portable nebuliser?

Has anyone tried the new Omron portable nebuliser? The U100 ?

I have been using the Omron u22, and tbo i have never been very happy with this nebuliser. I have gone through 3 units in less than 3 years (to be fair, the company have been very good replacing it when it has packed up) and it has always been a bit fininckity, having to tilt it to get all the medication, stopping suddenly for no reason or not turning on despite brand new batteries. Also, it seems to slow down if I have to do another neb soon after without cleaning.

After a bad night where I had to start up the tractor (this is what my husband calls the big,mains operated nebuliser) because the Omron Micro was playing up, I think its time to try another model. So I am interested if anyone has experience of this latest Omron portable model. How does it perform? Reliability? Ease of cleaning / maintenance etc.

I also am considering the Philips Inspire Go although it looks a bit more bulky compared to the Omron and costs a bit more, and I have seen a really tiny neb called the Med Fit Micro Neb which seems great in terms of both price and portability. So tiny :-)

I use my Omron to neb Bricanyl and saline, so I don't need a machine that can neb steroid. I often need to use it while I am at work and prefer not to use a face mask as i feel very self conscious in public or with work colleagues, so mostly use the mouthpiece only. This is one of the reasons the Philps model seems very attractive - sleek, all in one design and no fiddly bits, tubes etc

Just interested to hear people's experiences or recommendations.

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I have both the U22 and the U100. Whilst I have only used the U100 three times and am just getting used to it, I can say it is much better, easier and quicker to use. I used to find that the U22 took ages to nebulise a Ventolin/Salbutamol neb, what with it stopping and the constant angle adjustments to make sure the mesh bit is wet. The U100 is not so fiddly, once you get used to how easy it comes apart. I much prefer it. I don't know about any other makes, as I have not tried them.

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Thank you for sharing your experience; that is helpful to know. Are the replacement meshes still £30-40 ??


Yes, just seen one quoted for £35. They are expensive.


Hi Joan,

I was wondering if you got the Omron U100 in the end and if you did what you thought of it? I’d be using it for hypertonic saline...




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