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Back again


Hope everyone is doing well. I’ve been struggling really bad for the past 2 month or so with my lungs. Been in hospital been on every drug going and still can’t seem to settle my asthma. I have a ct scan next Friday to see what’s going on. But my symptoms still aren’t improving. I’m on DuoResp 4 puffs in morning and at night, Respimat 2 puffs in morning, Uniphyllin twice a day, Montelukast at night and 20mg of pred. I really can’t kick the pain in my upper back chest and although not much wheezing there is a crackle sound and bad cough with green mucus. I’m at my wits end surely I shouldn’t still be this bad on all this medication and I’m so scared that the ct is going to say that my lungs are broken and this is going to be my new normal I’m so fed up and supposed to be celebrating my 28yh birthday next week 😭xxx

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Sorry to hear that you’re having such a hard time. If you’ve got green mucus it sounds like you need some antibiotics. Has the dr done a sputum test?

Thanks for reply. I’ve told my consultant and gp that I’m coughing up green and they think it’s more than a chest infection, that’s why they want me to have the ct scan done. I might ring the out of hours and see if they think I should start the antibiotics because I have some in the house and I can’t go a week or longer incase it is an infection xxx

I’m at the out of hours for half 5 see what they say thanks for the advice xxx

Has anyone sent your green mucous to the lab for analysis? That way you can find out what type of infection you have and if an antibiotic is warranted.

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