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My daughter 23 has had 2 hospital admissions over the passed 6 weeks. One being into intensive care with life threatening pneumonia and exasabated Asthma. She is experiencing tight chest, breathlessness go let her go with sats of 94 and gave her steroids. She is feeling so unwell should I have her call gp or should I take her to hospitals. So scared don’t know what to do 😩

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Hi leither55

Sorry to hear your daughter is unwell. It might be helpful to give the Asthma UK helpline a call on 0300 222 5800 (M-F, 9-5) to have a quick chat on what to do next.

Hope that helps,


leither55 in reply to Hidden

Thank you she has been admitted back to hospital.

Hi I hope that you managed to speak to someone so that your daughter got the help she needed.

I checked on the Asthma UK website and they have a page about when to go to hospital. Hope that helps.

Thank you so much...she has been admitted back into hospital...fabulous information on page you advised...good health to you...

I can't advise about anything but my feeling is that you should always go to hospital if you feel alarmed. Better safe than sorry.

leither55 in reply to Robin77

Thanks for reply. She has been admitted back in to hospital...

Yup Pneumonia is where it started as it made my lungs weak, I had asthma at 2 years old my Mom said. Doctors said I would grow out of it, I'm 58 and it's still with me, I'm Ken from the States in California where the air is warmer as it helps. My worst time of the year is Winter and Spring plus long hair animals I have to avoid, though I pet them I have to wash my hands. I use a rescue inhaler when I have a slight cough as that's the beginning and I have a Nebulizer with mixed vials when it gets bad, and if that doesn't work then it's off to the Emergency Room where they use the same Nebulizer that I use that causes you to feel jittery and if that doesn't work they stick you with an Adrenalin shot. I've been at all these levels as I don't know what's next as I hope and pray I never do

how is your daughter ...sonya x

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