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Have you tried salt therapies or essential oils?


Hi all,

Our media team is looking to talk to someone who has tried any type of salt therapies or essential oils to try and help your asthma.

I know complementary therapies can be helpful to some people, you can find out more here: bit.ly/2q1EUY5

We’d like to hear from you, so do email mediaoffice@asthma.org.uk with your experiences.



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Tried a salt pipe last year and I have to say it made my asthma worse

I use a salt pipe every day . It helps with my hay fever/allergy symptoms and I use less Ventolin . Seems to be good for some people but not for others.

I also find inhaling steam eases my chest very effectively and helps with coughing.....but I know steam does not help everyone with asthma.

Both salt and steam help me but are not a miraculous cure ,alas!

Hi, I've found some essential oils make me cough horribly, though some are soothing like Rosemary. A good therapist will know the oils & what they do. P

I don't know if it's a miracle or what... I am completely off "rescue-inhalers" and Advair due to this little invention of mine. It's a home-made essential oil (eucalyptus and other natural dialators) inhaler. I take it to bed with me and puff on it when I feel things tightening up, even during the night. It's just fumes! No steam, not heated up, no vapor. Anyway, It works alarmingly well and instantly. It's satisfying too, like cigarettes I imagine.

LysistrataCommunity Ambassador

Mostly my lungs seem to hate them except for a few (rosemary, citrus). Lavender and rose in any form especially bad. Eucalyptus also now a no go. I did have a bit of a disagreement once with a GP who was saying just inhale with steam and getting annoyed when I said it makes my asthma worse (no steam rooms for me!) But then she was insistent that my asthma attack was just a cold anyway.

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