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Last week I had a mild asthma flare up. It’s led to my feeling ok, but with a quite wet but painful cough. I presume it’s due to the damp in my house, and the change in weather but does anyone have any cough remedies they use? Or anything I can do to try and at least ease this cough? I’m going on a cruise on Monday and I’m a bit concerned that they might not be keen to let me board 😂

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Damp is terrible for asthmatics, so I'd be doing everything you can to get rid of it - hopefully, your cough will clear up, particularly if it's just a virus-type thing. I'm sure they will let you on the ship anyway & have a great time!

Thank you. I’ve been trying to get rid of the damp for 7 months. I’ve never had a chest infection in my life and since I moved into this flat in August I’ve had two! My landlord isn’t very helpful but thankfully there’s a matter of weeks left until I’m out so fingers crossed :)

It sounds like aspergillus might be a trigger for you, so hopefully if you can get away from it that might improve things.

As might a few nights sipping cocktails somewhere warm & pleasant!

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