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Gaviscon on prescription?


Hi folks. I was diagnosed with asthma about three years ago, but as my cough etc was unresolved my GP referred me for a bronchoscoy last year, as a result of which I was prescribed omeprazole and gaviscon by the consultant as I have GORD. I am still being prescribed the omeprazole and usual inhalers, but have been buying gaviscon myself for months now as my surgery wouldn't put it on prescription for me. That wouldn't be a problem, but my husband found out recently the care service he works for was closing and has had to take another post for £160 less/month and we simply can't afford to buy the gaviscon any longer as I am meant to take it three times/day and it's not cheap!!! Should I ask my surgery to prescribe it for me and explain why I need them to do so? 😕 xx

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Hi I think it's because Gaviscon is very expensive that the NHS don't like prescribing it on prescription. My sister gets it though so there is no reason why you shouldn't. If the other meds you have aren't doing the job (even if they are you can say they aren't) ask for Gaviscon on the grounds it helps you best. x

flossiew in reply to hypercat54

Thanks hypercat 54 - I'll ask when I'm seeing my GP next week 😊

hypercat54 in reply to flossiew

If the first one says no I would keep trying all of them... :) x

flossiew in reply to hypercat54

Thankfully the first GP I saw said "yes! Gave me a prescription for alternative however- peptac/Pectac???? As long as it works I am happy 😊

You've probably checked out free prescription eligibility already but it would save money on other charges for medication even if your GP practice won't prescribe Gaviscon. If not see link below.

Hope this might help as I know how expensive Gaviscon is if taken regularly.

flossiew in reply to Lorcas_15

Thanks for the link- will look into it later this evening 😊

I get Gaviscon Advance on prescription for my GORD and asthma. Why not ask about pre payment prescription, it will save lots of money for you.

flossiew in reply to garywake

Thanks- I forgot to mention that I have a pre payment certificate. As you say, it saves a lot of money. Will ask my GP again next week about the gaviscon. Hope you have a lovely Easter!

flossiew in reply to garywake

Oh, sorry garywake - I thought I had replied to your post 😕I forgot to mention that I have a prepayment certificate, invaluable for helping with the costs of prescriptions! Seeing my GP tomorrow hopefully so trust she listens with a sympathetic ear....

I’ve been on Gaviscon Advance for about three years and get the liquid form on prescription. I also have the chewable tablet form (which I get over the counter) to keep in my bag in case I need to use it when I’m out.

Thanks MaggieHP 😊Thankfully my GP was very understanding, but gave me a prescription for Pectac/Peptac???!! instead of Gaviscon which I believe works the same way but costs less. I need to see him in a month's time about other health issues so will be able to tell him how I get on with the swap - but think I will do as you suggest and buy the chewable version of Gaviscon as well. Hope you have a lovely Easter xxx

MaggieHP in reply to flossiew

The chewable form is not quite so effective - but it’s certainly better than nothing if you need it whilst out and about. Let’s face it, lugging a bottle of the stuff around in your handbag isn’t terribly practical:-).

And I hope you have a great Easter too!

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