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I’m in the middle of an asthma flare up and I’m trying to track down what’s set me off this time. Weather was an obvious one, and my house was bothered with damp (that was covered up a few months ago). So I was wondering, I’m sure I read somewhere that there’s a link in women between hormones and asthma? Does anyone know any information or have any information about this? :)

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I definitely have found a link between my asthma and hormones - at one point I think I was going into hospital virtually every month at the same point in my cycle!

And when I mentioned it to my consultant he said that there is definitely a link between the two - although he said normally they can only recommend people take a contraceptive pill (which might help a bit) and be extra careful at that time :)

Carriejen in reply to Js706

Hmm my hormones are a little wild which doesn’t help. I’ve not long had my inhaler changed and it’s given me a whole new lease of life! Then yesterday I felt a bit breathless and today I’ve been sent home from work. I’m hot and cold, fatigued and breathless. It’s a nightmare! :(

Js706 in reply to Carriejen

Oh no it sounds it! And it really doesn't help when they're a bit all over the place as you can't predict things as well.

I'm glad the inhaler change had helped and hope this flare settles down soon! x

Yes there is definitely a link between hormones and asthma. I remember reading an article online that said a lot of women get diagnosed with asthma for the first time during menopause or peri menopause and women who already had asthma find it worsens during menopause. Just another prize for being female. For myself I have a week every month where my asthma feels completely out of control and one week a month where I'm totally symptom free. The other weeks I'm somewhere in the middle.

Yes definitely a link as Bdawn says. I'm not sure about it affecting women as in there monthly cycle but I spoke to the Asthma helpline and they said there is a definite increase in late onset asthma when women are starting to go through the menopause.

Thanks for your responses :) hopefully a while before I go through the menopause though!

Yes mine has started to react to my monthly cycle in the last 3-4 years. It's very annoying. In a way though I'm glad I have other triggers too, I wouldn't want people to be able to recognise when I'm on my period by the state of my asthma!!

That wouldn’t be great haha! My cycle is very very irregular so I suppose I’ve never really noticed if there’s a link or not. But I also live in a house with damp, and the weather where I stay is either cold or wet so I’m not entirely sure what’s kicking me off right now 🤷🏻‍♀️

awww that's not very good either. My cycle is usually pretty regular though I guess like many women there are times it changes its mind LOL

Only one problem was that last week I thought I was having my 'normal' monthly asthma but it turns out i was actually revving up to a chest infection :-( Currently on day 3 of pred and amoxicillin

That’s my concern. I don’t have time for a chest infection! This’ll be my third in 7 months. And I’ve just had my inhaler changed (a month ago) and it’s working miracles! I haven’t felt this healthy in a long time :(

3 chest infections in 7 months :O :O That's harsh!!

Thankfully I don't get them that often, last one was 3 years ago but that was a REALLY bad one, I was ill for about 6 weeks in total with that

Can't afford to be ill for that long this time cos I'm booked in for surgery in 3 weeks :o

One in September, one in February. Don’t need one now 😂 the last one I had was awful but I was given oral steroids and antibiotics and my inhaler was changed and I recovered pretty quickly actually! Which was good :)

I'm hoping for a good / quick recovery from this one too! One of the first thoughts I had when I realised it was a chest infection was my surgery. I've had no voice for 3 years and this surgery will hopefully fix it! My time off and cover in work has been sorted, to have it cancelled would just be dreadful!!

I hope you feel better soon! Antibiotics should kick in soon, good luck with your operation!

Ohh I've just found this in my notifications LOL

It seems my fears over the surgery were very valid!! They SERIOUSLY considered cancelling the operation when I said I'd had a chest infection :-o They listened to my chest, did PF ummed and ahhed and eventually said yes they'd do it! The anaesthetist said he'd put steroids and antibiotics in my drip to help keep me well and he told me to take my inhaler before they put me to sleep. I was happy to do that, I just wanted the surgery!!

I was dreadfully ill coming out of the anaesthetic but the asthma was the only thing that didn't bother me LOL

Best bit - I now have a proper voice!!

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