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Nasal polyps diagnosed this morning

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I spent the last 5 days with streaming catarh after been on nasal steroid spray for 3 months. I found out this morning at the drs I have one big polypic in one nostril which explains might explain why my asthma on day 5 of prednisone after asthma attack got worse again.

However yesterday I started to get better per inflammation of my lungs. Now reducing down my preds too on down cycle every three days.

So now on flixonase nasal drops for a month to treat the polytic. Then switching to Avamys for two puffs once a day for a month then down to one.

I have also been asked if I taken asprin at all. Probably ounce or twice in my lifetime. Usually stick to paracetamol and ibropren. I understand that there may be a connection to this.

I hope that this is the missing connection on my asthma. Why I got worse this time? I am was too wondering why I lost my appetite a while ago does this happen when you get polyics. Also does flixonase make you nauseous? Already on ompreloze for it due to prednisolone.

Thank you God for the nhs.

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Glad you are getting answers! I hope you start feeling better soon. x

My husband does not have asthma ( though did have such issues after pneumonia a good number of years ago), but hedoes have hay fever and is prone to sinusitis, at least a bit. He had nasal polyps, which caused quite some problems with breathing at night (snoring) and general significant discomfort and stuffiness. He was also on a regime similar to yours. I can’t remember if it helped, but it didn’t fully sort it out for him. He also did nasal washes which helped a lot! There are plenty of people on here who know how to do this. In the end he had the polyps surgically removed. That was a last step intervention, and there is always a chance they come back. With him it really helped, but what helped most by far before were the nasal washes. He is still on Avamys during hay fever season, and so far that has been the best spray for him. And so far no return of polyps it seems.

Don't want to say been there, etc. I was put on flixonase, then eventually had them removed, I had no side effects to the drug. Maybe your lose of appetite is due to your lack of smell.

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador

Other than a mildly foul taste in my mouth immediately after applying the drops, cleared by drinking, I have not issues with the drops... and no issues with avamys at all (other than the running nose after 🙄🤧). I also nasal wash which whilst horrid to do helps a lot!

Whilst I’ve luckily never had polyps, I do know that they can cause a loss of appetite (among other things!). Glad you seem to be getting answers to your issues, and I hope things start to improve for you soon x

Thanks for the input EmmaF91 on what you do with your meds. How do you do a nasal wash? I pretty bulit prove so should be a problem.

Love my food some days I couldn't work out why I wasn't hungry. Explains a lot but I had a rye smile about me hanging my head off the sofa with legs at the top. Bat or batty properly.

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador in reply to elanaoali

Yes nasal drop are always entertaining to apply!

Here’s the wiki-how on nasal irrigation but if you buy a evice they usually come with instructions 😅;

There’s lots of different ‘devices’ you can use... personally I just randomly selected one off of amazon which had good reviews whilst still being cheap but I’m sure people on here can offer an opinion on the pros/cons to each type if you want it... the main thing is using saline solution so... alternatively if you don’t want to buy anything the NHS website has a ‘how-to’ description here (mid way down page - I know it’s about non-allergic rhinitis but the nasal polyps page didn’t go into detail!)

Hope this helps

Morning. I have suffered with nasal polyps for years now. I also have brittle asthma. I have been on various nasal sprays over the years including antibiotics for a period of 3 months. Sadly nothing has improved my issues and I have been in for surgical removal twice. I don't lose my appetite with them though however I have no real sense of smell or taste which makes eating a bit boring. I would recommed the nasal irrigation which helps. Surgery is really unpleasant and definitely a last resort. I hope you get sorted soon.

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Matman in reply to Clanmacbeath

Hi Clanmacbeath

Although I’ve so far declined Surgery, my situation is as you otherwise describe for yourself.

I did try nasal flushing hoping it would return some of my sense of smell a little, but it only comes back after several days of Oral Steroids (Pred) and goes again a few days after I stop taking the Pred (I also use Avamys 2x1 Daily plus Montelukast 10mg Nightly Tab).

You say you got most benefits (before surgery) by Nasal Flushing. May I ask what those benefits were? Also how often you had to flush to get the benefits? What liquid did you flush with, saline or saline plus bicarbonate soda?

Thanks in anticipation.

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Clanmacbeath in reply to Matman

Hi. I bought a neti pot online from Amazon and used saline solution. I used to do it a couple of times a week. It's not a nice feeling so I found it difficult to manage more than 2 or 3 times max per week. Irrigation used to clear my nose and help with my breathing. Sadly though overtime it wasn't enough and I had to opt for surgery. I have been on pred for over 12 years now and it also helps but only for a few days when I'm on a high dose, just like yourself. When I'm on my maintainance dose it doesn't really help at all. I have just started mepolizumab and I'm hoping that will help both my asthma and my polyps!! I'll let you know how that works out.

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Matman in reply to Clanmacbeath

Thanks for that, I was wondering if starting Regular Pred in small dose (e.g. 10mg) - possibly 'alternate' days - might help with the lost sense of smell but - reading your comment - note that a Maintenance Pred Dose is not helping with your Smell Loss. (Did it use to, or has it never really helped in that regard?)

I saw a Consultant recently who mentioned Mepolizumab seems to help people with their sense of smell over and beyond any benefits it may (or may not) deliver for Asthma.

Only thing is, as you probably know, Mepo has not been in use for that long, so long-term risks / side-effects may not be totally apparent just yet (at least we all know how good / bad pred is, and what risks seem to be involved). Additionally, many folk on Biologicals (like Mepo / Xolair) also still seem to be on Pred too, though maybe a lower dose. Good luck with Mepo (if you have time / remember, yes please let me know how you get on with it).

I've been offered Xolair (Omalizumab) , but so far declined it, though now I might change my mind when I see my Consultant in July. Has your Medical Adviser mentioned if others (on Daily Pred) also get little / zero returned sense of smell benefits?

Hi ..I thought I would share this as my wife has had nasal polyps for 10 years and they have been a nightmare.. 4 surgeries to remove them, endless antibiotics and steroids, chest and sinus infections. I would add she has had no sense of smell and limited sense of taste apart from a few days when on meds. She has a really great consultant in the UK who was baffled by the speed they came back after surgery. After being told before Christmas they were back again she tried a new anti-inflammation diet - basically no sugar, caffeine, alcohol, potatoes, wheat and within 2 weeks her nose was totally better her sense of smell came back and has stayed, she went to see her consultant a day ago and he said the polyps had shrunk and gone.. he was amazed!! anyway for anyone who suffers from these terrible things give this diet a try!

Thanks for the comments and advice. I would like to ask some more work on sleep. How do people get sleep when thei their head full of snot. Last I don't seem to be able to lie down to sleep. I though it was due to my asthma but it's not.

Sleeping is still disturbed anyway from scaling down the preds. On day 13 and on 35mg reducing it every 3 days.

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador in reply to elanaoali

If sleep is disturbed due to asthma/sinus issues try raising the head of the bed by putting something under the mattress, and go as high as you can whilst still being comfortable and able to sleep (I usually use 3 think pillows). Not great on the mattress tho, especially on doubles with 2 people and only one side being raised 😕. Alternatively you can buy/create a wedge to sleep on that could possibly go on top of the mattress.

If it’s due to the pred it’s a case of just trying to deal with it. Luckily I now rarely have an issue with sleep caused by pred cause I’ve been on it so long, and only get an issue when I boost it back up to 40 or on hydrocortisone. When this is the case I sleep as much as I can,’fake’ sleep during the night when I can’t (background tv to listen too, eyes shut and try and to switch off brain and ‘drift’), and try to nap during the day if the fatigue hits me... otherwise it’s a matter of putting up with it 😒😴.

Hope that helps x

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elanaoali in reply to EmmaF91

Really helpful I am going to use my old pillows to create the wedge.Poor hubbie is on the futon downstairs due to my wakefulness on preds, I had a procedure at the doctor this morning and had to lie with my head down it made a tear come my face. Off for a nap this afternoon. :-)

Flixonase worked brilliantly for me. I had suffered from rhinitis (sometimes very extreme) for years and finally a loss of sense of taste and smell. The flixonase shrunk the polyps away in about a fortnight and the daily avamys has kept everything at bay since (2 years now).

There are a number of devices available for cleaning the sinuses but the best I have found is an aerosol salt spray that can be found in Boots and most other chemists. Called Sterimar it can even be found on Amazon (Vicks also do a similar one).

I had no side effects from the flixonase but did feel nauseous once when on a course of omnaprazole. Make sure that you have something fairly substantial to eat when taking these.

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elanaoali in reply to Taztarr

Thanks for giving me more information on how long flixonese takes. This is all at bit new to me. The nasal discharge happen about 3 mths when I thought it was a cold. I have a confirmed 5/6 house dust mite allergy And On High combination fostair next haler 200/6, monkelaust and anti histamine.

Waiting on my consultant a appointment within a month not 3 months as the hospital mixed up my appointment.

Hello elanaoali,

Sorry to hear your having a few problems at the moment.

I can totally understand where your coming from, I've had chronic rhinosinositus since my late teens and tried every drug on the market to combat this but 4 years ago I threw my hands up and opted for surgery as I really couldn't take anymore - consultant found one polyp prior to surgery and put me on like you on a course of pred, flixonase drops then followed by avamys, I had no side effects to any flixonase can have a strange taste but works wonders. Surgery went well and has improved things immensely, I'm still on avamys every day and only use the flixonase drops when I'm really struggling with a cold etc - surgery isn't a total fix as many people have the op a few times as they have the unfortunate disposition to grew polyps readily. As for sinus rinses neilmed is the best by far, boots and quite a few others stock do it prior to applying your meds as it clears any gunk up there. I have quite a few other underlying lung conditions and neilmed for the sinuses has really helped!

Best wishes always ☺

Hi, I have polyps too. I wasn't aware that the nasal spray could actually shrink them away - I'm hoping that's true but now I've been using the nasal spray since 2006 of earlier. I had the polyps op in 2006, at the time the ENT consultant told me to use the over the counter Sterimar which is sterile seawater. It does help when really bunged up. I also bought the Neilsmed saline rinse bottle & saline sachets via Amazon but that's more of a fag,

In France they use saline all the time for any snuffles. It's comes in little plastic nebules. My son .& wife used them on tiny baby at first sign of a stuffy nose. I've got loads of them so I might just drop my head off the side of the bed later & give them a go!

It's annoying to have no sense of smell, I've even burnt boiled eggs until they exploded - thank heavens I have good smoke & heat alarms now.

So its it true that there's some correlation between nasal polyps and asthma?

Good luck with yours. P

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Matman in reply to peege

Nasal Spray Devices don’t generally cure or reduce Polyps, but may provide some improvement. Prescription Flixonase Nasules can for some folk, temporarily shrink them. Oral Steroids (Pred) often shrink them too, but they frequently return after either treatment, so what you’re most often getting is a holiday from symptoms in which your sense of smell returns. (Getting your treatment a couple of days before Christmas can improve your festive spirit). Surgery (as already stated) can sometimes fix the issue, but polyps can return as the underlying cause may be something that the surgery does not fully address, for example excessive eosinophil production. One or two of the Asthma Biological Treatements (for those who qualify for them) are apparently helping with lost sense of smell, presumably by reducing polyp size by their impact on eosinophils. If anyone reading this his is knocking-on a bit in years, think very carefully if you are being offered surgery. Quite a few anesthetists and medics are aware that Surgery (especially after 60) may be a trigger for the start of one or other form of senility - especially the closer to the head / brain the surgery takes place. The sinuses are very close to the brain. I’m NOT saying that the surgery should be avoided, but that you need to take account of all risk factors (including your Asthma) before making the best decision for you. A good discussion with a Consultant that addresses your questions on this point is important.

I going to look into getting some kind of debugging device tomorrow. At this moment in time I just want to unscrew my head and drain it out.

It's not a spray but drops in each nose. A weird sensation but not that unpleasant once you get use to it.

It does seem to be true that there is some connection be the two. I got a severe allergy house dust mite and I think being inside a lot this winter hasn't helped. Using the tumble dryer too has created a lot of fluff and dust.

It seem there is a triad of three things that go together. One is asthma,aspirin sensivity and nasal drip called Samters triad.

Now I can take ibropefen without any problem without any problem. Can be related but haven't taken any asprin in my life time maybe once as I use paacemtol for headaches etc.

I have no appointment set to see my consultant hospital error sent me to see respiratory nurse first last Tuesday gone. Been told to chase this up by a GP I saw today after Easter. The respiratory nurse is doing it too for me. I am hoping it won't be long.


My reply to Peege (above) may be of some interest.

Also, if you’re taking Pred, then taking it pretty early in the day can reduce some of the sleep issues it gives rise to.

Hi Ma I know your post was for pegee. I would love to say talking it early as possible may work. I tried 5am. It made no difference. However I am hoping it isn't the case for you.

Hi ..I thought I would share this as my wife has had nasal polyps for 10 years and they have been a nightmare.. 4 surgeries to remove them, endless antibiotics and steroids, chest and sinus infections. I would add she has had no sense of smell and limited sense of taste apart from a few days when on meds. She has a really great consultant in the UK who was baffled by the speed they came back after surgery. After being told before Christmas they were back again she tried a new anti-inflammation diet - basically no sugar, caffeine, alcohol, potatoes, wheat and within 2 weeks her nose was totally better her sense of smell came back and has stayed, she went to see her consultant a day ago and he said the polyps had shrunk and gone.. he was amazed!! anyway for anyone who suffers from these terrible things give this diet a try!

Hi elanaoali, I just posted my experience with nasal polyp's and what happened to me after the surgery. Hope it helps you.

Hi thanks for the article I have read it. However I don't need surgery now as my poltyics have gone. Praise God and the NHS. I been given a new nasal spray dymyista to treat my post nasal drip. 3 weeks in and it's slowly getting better. I was told it would take 6 weeks to really kick in. Then it's just a repeat prescription.

i have been suffering from nasal polyps for the past 2 years i dont want to go for surgery so afraid of it ... how did you treat yours please i need help pls reply Thanks

Flixonase steroid nasal drops from GP Treatment is 6 drops in each nostril twice a day for a month. Have done this two times already and treatment was successful. My nhs trust doesn't do surgery unless really bad and then you have to apply using GP referral and patient statement

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