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Top Tips for appointment with Respiratory Consultant

Next week on Tuesday I have my follow up appointment with my respiratory consultant and I want to to get the best out of it.

The consultant has asked me to keep a peak flow diary for the last 4 weeks. (peak flow has been brillant even with an asthma attack last Sunday)

Asked to bring all inhalers and medications that I take.

He going to be talking to discuss my blood test he ordered last November. (Very allergic to house dust mite found out by asking my GPs). Any change needed to inhalers and or advice.

The consultant should have the history of both asthma attack from A &E. (found out its on my records)

Brief history of what been happening since last time I saw him in early December. I have had two asthma attack January and last Sunday. Both I worked out why it happen (firstly a cold and secondly sweeping up moldy hay) recovery period of each one.

Concerns I have are how bad prednisolone can make me feel. The longer I on the worse they are. First course only caused tiredness but cause acid reflux and presently on course of Omeprazole to help with this day 17. Felt better but go worse again due to course of prednisolone this week. So been given a further course of Omeprazole to deal with this.

Secondly would be as the autumn/winter is my danger time for asthma attacks but really bad this year hence the consultant. Spring and summer I am very well.. What is the plan to go forward to manage this?

Thirdly when will I be able to decrease my inhaler strength. I know its 12 weeks to wait after an asthma attack. (march 11th last one). That would take me into June. I usually decrease in April depending of the weather.

Lastly if he is happy of course we me when can I go back to Primary care. (having had lots of trips to hospital both for my asthma and my painful bladder syndrome treatment ongoing. Getting a bit tired of it).

So that all of it in a nut shell. I aware I have 30 mins and want to make it count.

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My top tip is to write down your questions. Everything goes out the window when I sit in front of the doctor. Also, no question is too silly or small. The more you know about your health, the better you can control it. Good luck and I hope you get your answers. x


I agree. Write down all you’re questions (no matter how small/silly you think they are). 30 mins is quite a long time in one-on-one outpatients if you’re asymptomatic so should have time for all of them (my last one took all of 5 mins in the room with him)! I’m assuming your PF diary has a section to record symptoms (most do), so if PF rarely fluctuates emphasise on you symptom-ology and how it varies.

Good luck and I hope you get the news you want to hear xxx


What is asymptotic? Is that symptom all the time? Ihhave allergic asthma but can be set off by other triggers such as mold or cold gone to chest.

peak flow diary has section for all extra. Can fluctuate with cold will have to dig back to find first asthma attack information on my posts that's why this forum is so useful.

I hope and pray too I get what I need too. I am there because I need extra help my Gps can't give.


Asymptomatic just means you have no symptoms 😅. Ps mould is an allergy! And tbh I’ve yet to hear of an asthmatic who doesn’t worsen when ill 😅


That's helpful, thanks for sharing. I need to organise my thoughts too.


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