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Athma (ventolin doesn't work)


I would like to ask you for help.

I have asthma for half and year and I take Ventolin When i can't breathe. And for last 2 weeeks I'm a little bit sick. no temperature. I've got just cough.

And I can't breathe during more than half day. I have taking ventolin, but it doesn't work. My asthma didn't show beacuse of any allergy.. i psychical problem because of graduation. (maturita) and problems at home.

So I would like to ask you for some advise etc.

Thank You so much


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That's the same picture as Cutts25 isn't it?

Try asking for a Formoterol inhaler, it may work.


Hi Klara10398 ,

Welcome to the forum,

From what you write, you sound a bit stressed. Stress can exacerbate asthma and cause a dry cough. Coughing however, is also an asthma symptom which should not be ignored, usually signifiing that your airways are irritated.

I would suggest going back to your doctor as over use of salbutamol is also not good. It can increase your heart rate and make you feel jittery, you don’t want that.

Salbutamol is designed to open up your aiways but you appear to need something to calm down the irritation.

Coughing is my most annoying symptom. I take Relvar Ellipta 92/22 mcg daily with great effect. I use salbutamol rarely but carry it with me for emergency situations.

Hope you feel better soon.

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thank You so.much for you asnwering to me.

And yes you re right.

I visited dictor and She has been telling that when my asthma has startes because of stress, she has not any drugs or whatever to me.

I take relvar too. And I drink "Bronchiale ties "

You know... My stress is at home all the time every day. and I really don t know how to get out of this.

Because I think that until I will be able to leave hause. Here is no chance for asthma to get better


I am so sorry to hear about your personal situation, it can’t be easy for you. Is there a possibility for you to get counselling?


Thank You. It Ok. well..I have to survive it someway

counselling.. Iam not sure What do you mean with this. word.

Anyway Im afraid.that there is no chance to figure it out

because of graduation.

I was thinking about my situation a lot and only one answer was. just don t give up and survive someway .


By counselling, I mean having someone professional to talk to about your stressful situation . If this is not possible within your time limits, I would suggest taking time out for physical exercise such as yoga, something which will help you to relax. This might improve your breathing without any need for change in your medication routine. Nevertheless I strongly recommend that you consult your local doctor.


You need to be more determined than this. As English isn’t your first language, I suggest you see if there are any people or groups in your community who can help you.

Talk to your GP as well. You can’t go like this.


Not qualified to advise on any stress issues you may have, nor am I medically qualified, but a different inhaler may help with the breathing issue. A Fostair Inhaler combines a steroid and a Long Acting Beta Agonist which keeps the airways open for about 10 to 12 Hours. Your Ventolin Inhaler is a stronger Beta Agonist but only short acting duration (which keeps airways open for about 4 to 6 Hours). Suggest talking to your GP to see if a different inhaler might help.


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