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Anyone have experience with chronic bronchitis?

Had asthma my whole life always been hard to control but In December in the space of a day my breathing completely deteriorated and hasn’t come back since my airways are tight and I have a dry cough that’s sometimes productive, mucus seeps up my throat all day and night and my chest feels tight, had a chat with my specialist and she’s gonna start looking away from asthma at the bigger picture, these symptoms sound familiar to anyone? 3 and a half months tight airways now...

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Wish I could help. I have had asthma all my life but it's been up and down all my life as well. I would at least keep on top of the doctors to make sure that your symptoms are being controlled. Don't assume a new normal. I think I did that a few years ago and instead I should have fought harder for better health. Despite being ill at present, this winter I have been healthier than normal so it's good to stay on top of your symptoms. Good luck. x

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Weather has never affected me before, is there a chance my body is changing and other asthma triggers can come on?it just seems so weird how it’s gone on for so long now it’s unlivable. asthma exacerbations are always short or last a couple of weeks not 3 months, I’m going Brompton soon but just being impatient and taking it out on here aha

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I know the feeling. We want answers now. I am the same. I am into my second week of being ill and I hate it because I know the work is piling up at home anyway. Still, sometimes our bodies just demand we listen and rest. When I was growing up, my asthma was always bad but I moved countries in my 20's and I think things improved for a while at least. The past 10 years have been bad again but I sense we are moving in the right direction. I just have to accept that I can't stay 100% well all the time. Good luck and hope you get answers at Brampton.

My daughter was like this for 6 months.... She was only 4. Lost count how many trips to the doctors to say the same thing chronic bronchitis affecting the asthma. It took a concerned doctor who didn t make me feel like a paranoid parent to increase the strength of her medication and in 3 weeks I had a different little girl. Really hope you feel better soon.

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My mum did say I was like this around the age of 3 and four as well constantly up the hospital might be just one of those things but at least that gives me reassurance that it might pass 🙏 cheers

Hi it is possible you might have copd as this covers both chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Your medical professional should do a spirometry test to rule it out. If you have got copd then please try not to worry too much as you would probably be mild and while it is a progressive disease it usually only progresses very slowly. Fingers crossed for you. x

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Do the symptoms stay there permanently? My lung function is already 67 percent can’t afford for it to go lower

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The minimum lung function you can live with is 6%. In practice however most sufferers are in the red danger zone once they get under 20%.

I was diagnosed 10 years ago with a lung function varying between around 70-75% and am still the same. I never expect to reach the more severe stages and my doctor told me something else would get me first ie old age!

By not smoking, leading a healthy lifestyle, and looking after your lungs you are giving yourself every chance of living to a healthy old age. There are no guarantees of course as it can progress more quickly but this is unlikely. x

Hi Ricky, my symptoms are very similar. As I do not respond to normal asthma meds as I should, my Dr has suspected for the past three years that something else could be the cause. Have followed other avenues and have reflux (under reasonable control with diet) and also have a gallstone. Had endoscopy but came back normal and surgeon says that by removing the gallstone wont help my asthma. His college had told me before the endoscopy there could be a connection. I constantly have a cough, sometimes with mucus and sometimes dry. Every time I cough I am left short of breath and only way to bring breathing back to normal is by sitting down. Respiratory clinic just keep saying it is asthma and COPD then change my meds again. Dr has just run tests for Cardiac asthma which luckily has come back clear. Went back to Drs today as I cant get my Peak flow above 100. Normal PF for me is 150 if I am very lucky. Back onto another course of Predisone to see if that helps.

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Endless ain’t it, I’ve literally been on everything as well, they always hoped my lung function would go up for 67 and the new meds’ would take away the inflammation but it never did that’s why now there suspecting other things, just don’t want it keep getting worse really, should get answers soon got another ct booked in and a heart scan and if the ct looks funny there gonna do a biopsy

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Good lucky Ricky with your upcoming tests. Hope you can get some answers.

Hi Ricky, I too have had asthma since early childhood. I had pneumonia 17 years ago which resulted in me having bronchitis most winters and off work for weeks or months (with no pay). 2 years ago the winter bout lasted 8months and had usual steroids and 6 lots of antibiotics (the last lot for 3weeks from my consultant) Am now on carbosisteine for the winter and this has helped no end. But I haven’t recovered from this as I usually do, and 2years later I have been referred to cardiology dept. I m waiting on the results of an echocardiogram. I had a MPI scan in October which they thought had some angina on it, but are now saying it’s an insecure diagnosis. It feels different to the asthma breathlessness, it’s more a heavy weight on my chest and a feeling on no oxygen. I’ve not been able to work for 2years but am not eligible for any benefits. The NHS are sooo slow, they are lovely people who are doing their best but it’s VERY frustrating, I feel like I’ve been like this for ever. Good luck with yourself. We have to be patient patients!

I’ve been on 3 courses of roids since December but I mean it all of a sudden came on in the space of a day can’t quite put my finger on an exact moment just knew I was struggling that day and it’s been like it ever since, does yours just come on one day and then leaves a few months later? It’s so weird how it just came on and now it won’t go?

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hi Ricky, my son is 15 yrs old, he's had asthma since he was 6 months old, he's was on no meds for a few year, the last 3 years he's had a dry hacking cough, pain in is chest, light headed and breathless, being treated for cough variant asthma, reflux, post nasal drip and allergy's, still he coughs! all day and night, it comes on straightaway, no buildup, he's had steroids too, he's on inhalers, It's settled last year after 2 lots of steroids, he's been coughing since November it's a nightmare.

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