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Feeling unwell post pred/chest infection

Hi all. I've just finished a short course of pred and antibiotics for a chest infection which triggered a fairly bad (but not hospital-worthy) asthma attack last Wednesday. My chest is getting better but I feel generally unwell: very tired, sore throat, weakness and some muscle pain.

I'm guessing this is fairly normal and probably a result of a) not yet being fully recovered (went back to work before I was fully better, which didn't help), and/or b) the steroids having a negative effect on my system. Have others had similar experiences?

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I am recovering in hospital from an asthma attack triggered by flu. My throat is so raw, my glands are sore, and my chest hurts like hell. I think it is all the coughing. Just remember to take it easy and that asthma can make you sore because of the cough. I had a prolapse once from a violent cough. It's not fun. Feel better soon. x


Yes. Up to three months I have been told. Last time I felt normal after two, but possibly still some lingering tiredness, that I only realised much later.


Thanks both for your comments and reassurance. Had thought I was getting better this morning but have had to go back to bed this afternoon because so exhausted. Feeling guilty about all the time off work, but I do see that it's probably necessary.

Hope you're OK emmasue - it sounds like you're much worse off than me. Take care.


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