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The season of Tree Pollen as started

Hi Last week my eye started to ache and then I realize today that the tree pollen season has started. This is my only symptom of hay fever diagnosed by one of my GPs a couple of years ago.

Does anyone get their anti histamines from the doctors? I bought some today from the pharmacy and the price was around the prescription charge from the doctors. I have a pre payment card so I can afford my medications. I have an appointment booked next week Tuesday for the doctors. Do you think they would prescribe me some?

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Yes, I get mine on repeat. You can always ask. Seeing as they help you to keep symptoms at bay, they are necessary.

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Thank you for reply I will endeavour to ask for it as a prescription.

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Hi - oh no not the tree pollen already. It is one of my worst triggers 😞

I get my fexofenadine on repeat prescription. My wee boy’s antihistamine is on repeat too.

Hope you get something sorted out. Good luck with the tree pollen xx


Hi Emily G I live in the South West and it started this early last year as well. I though the cold weather and snow would have slowed it down. How did you get your doctor to prescribe you this anti histamine. When I was first diagnosis with hay fever before I developed asthma I was told to just buy over the counter tablets.



Before the fexo my gp had me on an old fashioned drowsy antihistamine at night. I was waking up to full blown asthma shut chest horrible way to wake. The consultant said I was to avoid anything that made me drowsy so I would wake earlier with milder symptoms. He started the fexo then. Allergies are a big part of my asthma so I have the fexo, zafirlukast and epipens. I use air purifiers up and downstairs at home. I am in north east Scotland so hopefully the trees are behind yours. I’m still struggling with snow ❄️.

I would recommend the fexofenadine. Might be worth asking gp for it. It is one of the changes that have made the biggest difference to me.

Good luck xxx


Hiya that is interesting. I have allergic asthma and already take Monkelaust at night A blood test done last November ordered by the consultant I saw in the respiratory hot clinic. So far I know I am severally allergic to house dust mite. I don't know what the other things he tested me for but I believe it was for cats and dogs negative.

I am seeing him for the result of my breathing test in two weeks time. He has asked me to bring my inhalers and other medication I am on too. So I waiting to see what he says and what if any of my medication he changes. My inhaler is Nexhaler 200/6 Fostair, nasal steroid spray (Bencanose) for nasal drip and of course Monkelaust. Plus a month course of ompreloze I on at the moment for acid reflux caused by two courses of Prednisolone I had over the last 3 months.

If you shake me I would rattle as my mum says. :-)


Yes I get mine on repeat! I’m on fexofenadine mainly to control my allergic aspect of my asthma (which is only available on prescription anyway). It’s always worth asking if you can have it on prescription, if you have a good relationship with you GP they’ll usually oblige, if not than at least you tried!

I have renitidine on prescription, but could buy it over the counter if I needed to (but as a student with a pre-paid cert I wouldn’t!). Usually if they know it’s to prevent something worsening and that you may not afford to buy it otherwise they’ll put it on for you (depending on area/surgery/gov funding/finance issues)

Hope that helps and good luck! X


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