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Snowed in with Asthma flare up.


My asthma with its amazingly good timing as always has decided to flare up badly now that I am stuck at home behind half a mile of snowdrifts between me and the car. The road to the doctors or to hospital is blocked with drifts in both directions.

I’m ok for now, had a really rough night sat up not really managing. PF dropped to 40% and chest v gunky. Normally I would see GP tomorrow, or might have gone in this morning to have chest checked. Have started emergency pred and will do 3 nebs today. I’m sure I ll be ok and if I have to get help a neighbour would take me in a tractor. But come on asthma, why is it always at the worst possible time.

Stay as well as possible everyone xxx

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Sorry to hear that you are poorly, take care and i hope that you are able to see the Dr in the next few days.


Poor you! Asthma always has brilliant timing! I hope you feel better soon. If you are feeling worse, don't hesitate to try to contact emergency services. There was a video on Facebook earlier of two paramedics walking up a snowy country lane, followed by a flock of sheep because the ambulance couldn't get through. Take care. x

Hi sorry you aren't feeling well, hope you will be ok. Take care and see your GP as soon as possible. Love Bernadette 😳

Sorry to hear that you’re not doing well atm!

Look after yourself and if your start to struggle call out the ambulance crew! If they can’t get to you, maybe they’ll meet you half way if your neighbour gives you a lift 😅

Hope things start to improve for you as the snow slowly melts, and 🤞 that you’ll be able to get out to see a doctor tomorrow! Thinking of you and hope you feel better soon

Emma x

Oh dear, Emily, I feel for you. We get snowed in here sometimes, last time we were both recovering from chest infections, and it took me three days, bit by bit, to free the car and driveway....hubby nowhere near fit enough...but at least we were at the end of things, had the drugs etc. I agree with those who say call an ambulance, they’ll find a way, even air ambulance. Don’t delay. Just call them if things get tough.

Thank you everyone for your replies. It is a great help feeling supported when asthma is getting me down. As is usually the way with my asthma I am improving today. I get ill v quickly and luckily improve v quickly too. I have spoken to asthma nurse and have second lot of tablets ready if I need them.

And hopefully it looks like the thaw is on woohoo 😊😊😊

Stay well as possible everyone xxx

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Glad you’re starting to feel better ☺️ Look after yourself Xxx

Hi Emily

I hope your feeling better soon, this icy cold spell doesn't do us Asthma sufferers much good, stay safe and keep warm x

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