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Last year I suffer from acid reflux my symptom was feeling sick about 1 hour after eating. I was put on a course of omperazole for 3 months which worked really well. I was then weaned off of it and have had no problems til a couple of weeks ago.

I felt sick like before for a week but then it when away. Now its back and I feel sick again since last Friday. I bought myself the strongest Omperazole over the counter to take. It has worked with some success but the sickness keep coming back.

I have an appointment with a GP tomorrow at 9 am to discuss my inhaler and thought it would be a good idea to mention it then.

My asthma is under control and haven't had any symptoms since recovering from an asthma attack 4 wks ago caused by a cold.

Has anyone had acid reflux that comes and goes?

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I am on lansoprazole if that is of any assistance.

I’ve certainly had stomach issues that come and go, and yes, part of that has been reflux. Nor is there any real indication as to what triggers it. I can eat things which have caused no issues for months, and suddenly I’m having problems. In my case I really do wonder whether there is hormonal involvement (technically I’m now post menopausal, but I’ve been told by others that the symptoms can sometimes go on for years after the menopause has finished as the hormonal levels settle and the body adjusts to the change).

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elanaoali in reply to MaggieHP

Hi MaggieHP what you just said helps me to think that it could be acid reflux again. I thought it had to be constant feeling of sickness. I was hoping that it would go away buty coming back again makes me determined to say something tomorrow at my appointment.

Do rich sugary foods make it worse like cake noticed can happen with those foods. My diet doesn't contain all the usual suspects forum other medical reasons. Stress and hormones don't help.

What medication do you take for yours prescribed or over the counter?

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MaggieHP in reply to elanaoali

They certainly did - though to be fair I was in two minds as to whether it was the sugar content or the fat content that was responsible (or indeed, in the case of doughnuts, the jam in the centre).

Stress was mentioned as a probable cause by my first consultant, though I disputed that then and I dispute It even more now, having gone through a very stressful -not to mention anxious - period for the two months leading up to Christmas last year, and I had no problems. I did, however, have minor problems in July, and again over the New Year. Not too bad, and easily dealt with (the July episode lasted for a couple of weeks, the New Year episode for a week at most) but I have learnt how to deal with it now. And that I think is the trick; in that respect it’s rather like asthma. You have to work out what works for you - and I’m afraid that can take time.

Have you had a endoscopy or been referred to a consultant gastroenterologist to have things checked out?

What am I on now? I’m on Gaviscon Advance. Initially I took it after every meal and before going to bed but now I am down to taking it just before bed and I don’t need to do that every night, so things are definitely getting better. I have it on prescription, but I think you can get it over the counter. It comes in both liquid and chewable tablet form. I keep a quantity of both (tablets are easier to keep in a bag when going out than a bottle is), though the suspension is more effective.

I think you should say something at your appointment, and if possible push for a referral to a gastroenterologist to get things checked out.

Hope things improve for you soon:-).

I didn't kow you can buy Omperazole over the counter. What is the maximum you can buy?

I have asthma and mild copd and around 2 months ago I started getting really bad heartburn constantly and several times I was sick afterwards. I went to the doctor with this and other symptoms but she didn't diagnose me with anything other than borderline under active thyroid but she did say this wasn't one of the symptoms.

Since then I have been taking prescribed 20 mg Omperazole but also often need a top up of rennies too.

If you find any answers can you let me know too please. Or if anyone else knows. x

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MaggieHP in reply to hypercat54

As I’ve suggested to Elanaoali, can I suggest that you ask for a referral to a gastroenterologist. Persistent heartburn can be an indication of other problems (in my case it turned out to be oesophagitis result from oesophageal thrush -which is rare - but you would need an endoscopy to identify it). Persistent heartburn can also do damage to the oesophagus if left untreated - which you really don’t want.

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hypercat54 in reply to MaggieHP

Hi the doctor did mention maybe having an endoscopy because I have been having chronic diarrhoea as well but when I gave a stool sample which came back fine she said there was no need. Is your advice that I go back and ask for one anyway please?

She did say to go for a chest x-ray - would that pick up acid reflux etc? x

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MaggieHP in reply to hypercat54

I’m not a doctor, so I’ve no idea whether a chest X-ray would pick up reflux. However, given the problems you are having I would certainly suggest that you ask to be referred to a specialist gastroenterologist. He/she will be best able to decide which procedure is best for investigating the problems you are having.

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hypercat54 in reply to MaggieHP

Thank you Maggie I appreciate your help. x

Yes I am taking over the counter remedies and tums but there not strong enough. If you want app proper relief then prescription ompreloze or the other one mention is the way to go.

With what has happened in my past I would suggest maybe your doctor should think about you have a endoscopy. I was being treated for asthma for two years and after having the camera down the throat it was dicovered I had hiatus hernia.So experimenting with certain foods my sickness, which was every day,has stopped.I also take Lansoperazole once a day.Knowing my body I knew I did not have asthma.

Thanks for your input. I see what the GP says about my acid reflux. I am definitely diagnosis with allergic asthma so I know its not anything else but heartburn.

i was prescribed Omeprazole when I was admitted to hospital with an asthma attack 18 months ago. Yes, I had had that acidy feeling stomach a number of times, but normally used just Rennies to deal with it. It worked so and so. But I was asked if I had it as it is seen as a contributory factor for asthma. This is written up in places. Since then I take it only occasionally (and probably in the wrong way, so I am thinking about that), but if my asthma significantly worsens I take it as it removes one asthma deterioration factor and helps to protect my stomach if I am on steroid tablets. Otherwise, normally, I am just trying not to take too many medicines, though I always have them on standby.

My stomach issue is IBS, which flares up. For what it is worth, what I have learned over a very long period,well, years, i don’t think there is really anything I can’t eat at all, but if I overdo it on some things it can trigger problems. In my case I need to be careful with not too much fibre, though some is obviously good to have. There are some other things, too, that I am wary of.

Sometimes I do get that acid stomach feeling, and rich things can be an obvious trigger for that, but possibly not the only thing.

Hi Wheezycat, thank you for your informative post and I sooo sympathise as I have IBS and still trying to control it. I feel it can't be helped by stress but that it is not the cause of I feel it becomes a disease with neurotic overlay and I object fiercely to that!! I also can over indulge and THEN do I suffer for it. Had recent endoscopy but still awaiting the biopsy results. COPD playing up too but with the weird weather ..... All the best to you and keep posting!

Hi there,

I too have painful acid reflux- I’m on 40mg of esomeprozole (am) and 300 mg of ranitidine- (pm) I was referred to a gastroenterologist who gave me an endoscopy - he discovered a hiatus hernia. Over the years I’m come off my pills- mainly because I know that they contribute to loss of bone density and as a menapausal woman with already diagnosed osteopenia that I would rather not be on them. But sadly the last time I tried to take myself off them the heartburn at night was unbearable-

It’s something I struggle with- but seems a necessary evil. Good luck at the docs


Have you tried Gaviscon Advance?

Yes I have tried it. Sadly not strong enough.

My sympathies. Having gone through this (though not as a result of a hiatus hernia, thank goodness) I really do understand how miserable it can be. I assume you’ve had all the advice concerning what, when and how much to eat, raising head end of bed etc. My consultant did refer me to a dietician who put me on a FODMAP diet for three months, after which a different food was re-introduced every week. It was a pain to do (particularly the three months included Christmas) but it did help to identify which foods were causing problems.


I have very similar, and it seems to be the cause of my worsening asthma symptoms as well! I find I can get quite wheezy after I eat and it seems to be rekated to fullness of the stomach for me. Sugary foods are definitely the worst.

One more point to mention all my symptoms were actually h pylori bacteria, which in some research is linked to worsening asthma, so worth checking out if you have that. This was making me symptomatic and lowering my immune system (70% of your immune system in your gut) so I was catching everything.

Good luck


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MaggieHP in reply to Maxza

Six years ago I had what I thought was an asthma flare which just didn’t respond to anything I could do with my asthma meds. It wasn’t bad, just a sustained period of shortness of breath. Two things about it were unusual: it always came on within forty five minutes of eating or drinking something, and getting up and moving around (even walking fast) actually seemed to help - strange for someone who is a known exercise induced asthmatic.

Eventually in desperation I went to my GP. Actually, it wasn’t my GP I saw, it was a locum, but he noticed that I had recent history of stomach problems. He suggested that it was reflux related and put me on a month’s course of lansoprazole. Problem solved! It was explained to me at the time that reflux can irritate the airways, resulting in asthma like symptoms.

I take ranitidine because omeprazol doesn’t suit me, I’m sensitive to it, swollen lips, buzzing ears and so on. Ranitidine is sold over the counter as Zantac, but weaker than prescription stuff. Works for me if I’m away from home and have forgotten my pills. But do ask your GP or pharmacist, it might not suit you or combine with your other meds. Gaviscon is very good too, liquid or tablets.

Wow when I got back from the doctor and log on and saw the activity on this post I was amazed. Busy people!

Thanks all for the input. Upshot of my appointment was that the doctor thought it was caused by the prednisolone course of 7 days 5wks ago. I said it was only a weeks course and he said that still could happen. So I got a months worth of lansoprazole to take. Have used omprazole but it can interact with another medication I take.

Added bonus was I sorted out my inhalers there was a mix up. Been taken off an extra inhaler which I didn't need in his opinion. Quite happy with that.

I am feeling better already so roll on the rest of the day

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MaggieHP in reply to elanaoali

Great to hear you’re feeling more positive:-).

Thinking back the one time I was put on oral steroids my GP (aware that my stomach could play up) put me on a short course of Lansoprazole to take whilst I was on it - fully anticipating that I might have problems. I was, however, warned not to take the two at the same time. I ended up taking the Lansoprazole at breakfast time and the oral steroids at lunch time - it seemed to work, I had no problems:-).

My GP has me on omerprazole for life works fine

I glad it works for you.

Have acid reflux and hiatus hernia was referred for endoscopy and had inflammation of the oesophagus. Was put on Esomeparazole 40 mgs. My pharmacist advised me to take them half an hour before breakfast.

Another thought - leaky gut and gluten intolerant perhaps?

A friend had a variety of seemingly unrelated physical issues, with reflux just being one. Having been through many medications, she tried cleaning up her act for herself by addressing her eating habits.

Since she has gone gluten free - which isn’t easy to change the habits of a lifetime! - her shoulder strain, itchy skin etc, and reflux have all disappeared.

If you’ve been on a course of antibiotics or two plus steroids etc, your natural flora and fauna will probably all be disrupted. Well, there’s no harm in trying a complementary approach alongside conventional medicine!

Persistent heartburn is usually to do with an acidic diet, either too much sugar, meat or cheese & other dairy products. A simple cure for heartburn which works for me is a couple of ounces of organic live yogurt or simply a medium sized glass of water. Some medications contribute to this condition particularly antibiotics which upset our intestinal friendly bacteria & can be remedied by taking probiotics alongside antibiotics or afterwards.

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MaggieHP in reply to Lily-

True, but it’s not always the case and there are physiological problems that can cause it. Persistent heartburn should always be checked out by a healthcare professional.

Point taken, yes of course Maggie, but once that has been checked, then we can try simple methods rather than just taking yet another chemical which exposes us to even more possible side effects.

Just as an outlier, ask your doctor to test you for Helicobacter Pylori, I have been miraculously cured of all acid reflux problems since I was treated for this.

However, Acid reflux and asthma are incredibly common. There are some great diets out there that make a huge difference. As taking long term PPI s is not a great solution.

I was so surprised to have H Pylori and that I would feel so much better after the treatment. It is pretty common.

R x

Hi I had reflux caused by I think by oral steroids somehow I think they damge the gut. I was tested for everything hernia, hpylori, ulcer and it was all negative. I'm now on 60mg of Lanzaprozole a day and alutop alluminium hydroxide worked great for my symptoms. I have a low fodmap diet no rubbish or caffeine and that really helps. I have recently changed from Seretide to Alvesco and Serevent and the Seretide made my reflux worse. My symptoms are better but whats the cause and will I get off PPIs?

Ask for a PPI and enteric coated steroids if you need them again. This will help with the acid/stomach issues caused by steroids.

Hi there you of course need to get checked out but the beta agonitsts make my reflex worse in fact I now suspect that they caused it.

im thinking that too !

yes , i take lansaprazole .

I take ompreloze 20 mg twice a day. I am gradually reducing down from 40 mg twice a day. I think mine is alot to do with stress. A lock down benefit less stress in not working but on furlough as made a real difference.

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