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Almost 8 weeks since asthma exacerbation and infection and still struggling

Hi everyone just to give you an update since my last post I have now finished the course of pred a week ago and am struggling again and managed to get GP to look at sinuses again as the infection hasn't cleared so currently towards the end of the third lot of antibiotics. Second day at work today after being off for 3 and half weeks and surprse my cough is back!! Wheezy and breatless and extremely tired. I have been in touch with the respiratory clinic at the hospital as my GP said he can't do anything else so will be calling them tomorrow to see if there is anything else they can give me to ease the symptoms as my next appointment with my Consultant is not until 15 March. Just wish this would get better already its so depressing x

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Hey I understand how you feel my asthma has been bad on and off all winter

I had 2 nebulisers 2 prednisolone and antibiotics in November had asthma attack in December which required paramedics A&E 2 nebulisers and from that stack I got a months worth of steroids which I finished on the 4th of Feb and I started getting wheezy again on couple of days before that

I then had asthma attack on 7th which required nebuliser and A&E and then required A&E again the next day and three nebulisers and loads of inhalers I was discharged last Friday afternoon and all because my pred finished and I got given more to last until my hospital appointment which was on Tuesday and my inhalers were made stronger yet again

I've had enough of my asthma too the quicker they find a cure the better

I'm quite young however my body feels like it's about 90 odd half the time because my lungs don't work I have tremors in hands due to all my meds I'm on I get achy due to not being able to breathe im tired due to breathing I can't walk upstairs without getting out of breath

The point is I know how you feel and I follow the British lung foundation community and a lot of them are suffering this winter too so you are not alone we have all had enough of our lungs failing us

I'm so sorry you feel so rubbish maybe your preventer inhaler needs increasing I hope your resp team help you

Let me know how you are x

Sorry for long reply hope it helps


Hi Erin thank you and yes it does help. This forum is brilliant I have found it gives so much support just what you need when you are feeling a bit down. I'm on the highest dose of my prevented inhaler so can't up that and also taking ventolin daily. Had to stop the nasal steroid/antihistamine spray as a lot of bleeding in nose and GP didnt want me to continue. I know eventually it will get better just hope it's sometime soon as I've been struggling this past 12 months with Asthma and hayfever symptoms including allergies as well. Hope you get better soon too as you've had it much worse than I have xx


Hey what preventer you on what dose??


Hi Erin I'm on Seretide 500 Accuhaler 2 puffs twice a day and consultant confirmed that is higher than the usual dose which is 1 puff twice a day so to continue with the dose i'm on until next appointment when I get results of the blood tests for allergies and hopefully an appointment to see ENT specialist x


I used to be on seretide evohaler 250 4 puffs twice a day and they told me it was a very high and people is always shocked to hear it and so they've changed mine up so it's not too much steroids but enough to keep me controlled


I was on the same inhaler as you and same dose so they upped it to the next higher dose inhaler which is the one I'm on now. They also added an additional inhaler Braltus but this gave me sore throat and an awful cough resulting in the infection im still fighting off so I was taken off it just before I saw the consultant in January. It will be interesting to see if the hospital will increase Setetide or change it when I go to see them again in March bit my co sultanat did say i had been on most of them already!! I know there are others which only they can prescribe so I'm hoping they will at least consider reviewing and changing the meds if necessary to get it under control. I will keep you posted. xx


I don't think I would've been able to go onto the accuhaler due to the fact I tried symbicort and it didn't work because I couldn't breathe it in well enough

But so far the new inhaler I'm on the flutiform 250 2 puffs twice a day so far it's working

But with previous inhalers they tend to work for about 2 weeks and then I struggle again so I'm not getting my hopes up that this will work full time

But the need to change of inhalers should decrease due to the summer coming which is the best time for me cos I don't feel like a 90 year old anymore

I also have a synacthen test coming up have you had it?

It's to see what the long term use of steroids like the high dose of seretide and pred etc has done to my body


Hi Erin, I hope your new inhaler lasts longer to give you relief. So far I have only had the spirometer test and blood tests my Consultant is blowing ENT may be able to resolve or help manage my hayfever and sinus issues whoch in turn may resolve my Asthma symptoms making them more manageable with traditional treatment. I will ask at the next appointment if further tests need to be considered especially if I continue to struggle and the cough gets worse. Let me know what happens when you have the synacthen test and what they say. I am worried about the effect of seretide due to the high dose I've been on since September last year. How long were you on seretide and how much pred have you had to trigger the synacthen test?


I've been on seretide for years and at that dose too (don't know how long just know it's years rather than months ) and I'm always on and off pred in winter I hate them tho due to side effects (weight gain and hunger) and I think it was also cos of the need for high dose of inhalers

I'm now on high dose of flutiform


Yeah I know those side effects are a nightmare but it does help us to breath so we have to put up with it until they come up with some other medication with less severe side effects!! I hope the test goes well and they get you sorted let me know how you get on. Take care x


Will do

Let me know how you get on yourself hope you get better


Hi Erin, i had no luck today with respiratory clinic as told to go back to GP so i have to wait to see Asthma nurse next week and hopefully she might be able to help. I am of the view that Seretide has contributed if not caused my sinus issues even though these are apparently more common in COPD sufferers. Hope you're feeling better today. X


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