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Sore throat and loss of voice

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I have had oral thrush which I have been assured has gone by the nurse practioner last Friday. The nurse did take a swab of my tongue for injection.

I am steroid becanose nasal spray since November 17. Also use nexthaler fostair 100/6 and flixotide 250.

So what could be causing the sore throat gets worse over the day. My voice gets croaky if I talk a lot?

P.s I don't have a cold but had one 3 wks ago and cough lasted two weeks.

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I had the same symptoms with two steroid inhalers. My voice would be croaky and get worse the more I talked. I would have a slight sore throat that would come and go. I always rinsed and gargled, always used a spacer and had never been diagnosed with thrush.

I have had some slight coughing and sore throat in the past which was attributed to silent reflux. I was put back on ppi’s and the throat problems caused by the steroid inhaler resolved after a few weeks.

We think that I may have had some slight acid damage to the vocal folds that was made worse by the steroid inhaler.

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WK51FOD in reply to Hildegard88

HI Hildegard88

Don't know if it helps but i was told to brush my teeth and use mouth wash after using a steroid inhaler as it is supposed to prevent thrush. Sorry 9f you know that

Hi! This sounds a bit familiar. I get oral thrush regularly, even though I rinse after my inhaler, as per recommendation. I have now got used to it, well, sort of, literately check my mouth and throat most days to look for lesions, and if I have them I use oral Daktarin for a few days. It goes, but some weeks later it returns. Now I see it a bit the same way as I see athletes foot, easy enough to get rid of, but sooner or later it will be back.

I think I, too, can get a sore throat from it, but I am not aware it worsens through the day. However, whenever I have had an infection, I have always found my voice going crokier the more a speak. And that effect lasts quite a period, even if I am otherwise well, up to a few weeks I would say. So if I know I have to speak a lot, I always arm myself with water to drink and some basic cough lozenges. It helps.

All three of those medications list sore throats & Flixotide specifically mentions oral thrush as a side effect, so odds on that the origin of the problem & continuing throat issues are related.

I guess the usual advice of drinking lots of water, especially when you take the medicines will apply & maybe keep sipping water through the day. I know my voice 'goes' quite easily but I've never really questioned why & all I ever do is to try to rest it for a while (not easy for me!).

It's a bind, and quite a common one. I was told this: use a spacer for all inhalers, inhaling maybe 3 times to get the most of the stuff in your lungs, then clean your teeth, rinse well, gargle for a count of ten and swallow twice. If the problem persists, see if you can get a different inhaler, although I know seretide can cause throat problems as well.

I used to suffer because,of inhalers but since I have had a spacer I don’t get it thank goodness .Ask you’re dr for one .😇

I’m sure you already know this. I brush my teeth rinse with mouthwash when I use my two inhailers. I always tilt my head back to get any particles of inhailer away too. I always use a spacer with my Ventolin as that can cause dry mouth. I hope it helps you. I had the same symptoms until I did this. Best of luck 😊

Hi all Yes to all who said do you rinse mouth, gargle and brush teeth now adding mouthwash.

I rang the doctors yesterday to get the results of the swab and it was positive for thrush. This was after the nurse told me it wasn't. Advised to come back to see the nurse practioner but unable to do this until next week. I was going away to my parents yesterday 175 miles away from home. I have some left of nystan but will run out before I can make it back to my GP next week.

Any suggestions please?

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