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Just been diagnosed with Asthma-need advice please

Hi everyone!

Ive had a cough for as long as i can remember my partner say ive always had a little dry cough from when I got with him (11 years ago)

from october 2016 i think i kept getting a real bad cold / cough through the whole november / december my cough has since stayed quite bad to the point where im up in the morning blowing my nose and coughing alot more through the day including coughing fits its been like this for a whole year then august 2017 i was real bad again and put on steriods doc said i was wheezing (doc thinks my aunts dog is causung me to have an allergy) and only january 2018 has it turned back into a little irritating dry cough. (I have kept away fro the dog since august since doc mentioned maybe aunts dog)

so backwards and forward to the doc ive had 3 weeks of recording peak flow 380 are results this was xmas 2017 now just recently 420 so having gone back with result doc decided to put me on blue inhaler for when the coughing fits occur or the tightness of chest etc.. she told me to go home and take the inhaler record my peak flow then record it after taking inhaler (20minutes after) so since this my peak flow has been hovering around 440 / 460 but i feel like absolute rubbish my headache has been there for the whole week and my head feels very fuzzy i feel very tired its almost like i feel more breathless. The cough was annoying yeah but i didnt feel like this i actually feel worse i dont feel normal.

any ideas or suggestions as to what going on?

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If you’ve just been diagnosed. You might not have been put on a steroid inhaler yet (preventer). So all though you may get slight relief from the ventolin (blue inhaler). There’s nothing built up in your system yet to help this. When I was first diagnosed. They do a spirometry teat. And it’ll show how got your lungs are at inhaling aswell as exhaling air. This would give you a good idea of how your lungs are. Make sure your not taking too much ventolin. This can give you a sore head too. Hope this helps.


Scoobs87 is right; eventually, once the doc is confident it's asthma, you will be put on a long-term steroid inhaler more than likely (known as ICS - inhaled corticosteroid). It takes a while to build up in your system, but you should start to feel significantly better over time.

You have also alluded to allergies, which is a very important aspect of asthma management. There are never-ending lists of things that can be triggers, but pets, dust, mould, smoke, etc. are very common.

Getting your head around asthma can be a tough learning curve, so keep asking questions of your GP, and here or the AsthmaUK nurses & you will get things under control, I'm sure.

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Hi debzzy,

It maybe worthwhile giving Asthma UK nurses a call (you make have done so already) i have rang them several times and always found the nurses very helpful and will always listen to what you have to say.

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