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is being clogged up in throat with phelm a good sign eg that its all coming out ?

HI asthma was under control on montelukast 10mg and clencil 200mg (like i didnt have asthma apart from odd chest infection once a yr) but last may/june had an infection that took 2 doses of antibiotics and predislone to calm down, but I still felt like no air feeling .

In December was changed from clenil to flutiform 125mg the no air feeling seemed to go away during the day but to start with the more the evening went on i felt a little tight chested at times till i took second dose of flutiform. I also had a wheeze when i layed down but 2 puffs of ventolin before i lay down seems to stop it for the night. The more time has gone no no air feeling totally gone now but and but wheeze when i lay down still there.

I started to bring up just little bits of clear phelm in the mornings/sometimes during the day was always clear.

I had a tooth abcess come up a week ago monday (went dentist tuesday who missed it so after a week of pain by friday was sent to hospital as couldn't open my mouth and face swelling. needless to say they wanted to keep me in but i didnt want to had been there 12 hours and was under impression they was giving me antibiotics and sending me home, they let me go home after 2 iv antibiotics (was told to get tooth out asap on monday or tuesday, anyway while in the hospital after second iv i had thick phlegm on my throat that literally blocks my throat and need to clear for voice to even to be able to hear clearly, doesn't effect breathing just voice goes and thick phlegm clogging up throat/chest i think.

I do not drink milk as a rule and had been drinking milk instead of food (googled that can cause excess phlegm) and other than that had the antibiotics and came home with Augmentin 625mg 3 times a day and then dentist put me on metronidazole 400mg 3 times a day also and also been taking co-dydramol 4 times day.

teeth (ended up being 2 molars infected underneath) came out Wednesday after a a week and 2 days of pure pain. The throat clogging phlegm that is sometimes clear, just started to go yellow and green, could it be last of infection coming up from pockets infection from last june cos all antibiotics Ive have since last friday ? (literally one day antibiotics left, my chest if fine /no coughing at all, or is this some how related to what else been going on, sorry for the book ha ha, but Im at a loss. Ps It doesn't happen all day, maybe once a day or couple times, stopped the milk yesterday, but woke up with it this morning. thanks for any advice anyone can give.

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If my asthma flares up, I will start to cough up clear phlegm as my chests response to the inflammation. Problem I have is the more phlegm I have, the more I need to cough, then the coughing inflames my airways and even more phlegm is produced. Asthma can be worse at night which could be why you have the clear phlegm in the morning. For me if my asthma is well controlled I don’t cough up any clear phlegm at all.

A locum dr explained that asthma can work in two ways. Either the airways spasm making you feel tight and short of breath, in which case ventolin helps. The other way, is the lungs produce a thicker mucus in response to the inflammation and this hinders the oxygen passing through the lungs. Ventolin doesn’t helps very much and you feel like you aren’t getting enough air, even though you can breathe in ok. This thicker mucus is what you cough up as clear phlegm. For me what works well is the steroid inhaler, in the first instance I increase the dose, and that nips it in the bud for me. But in reaction to an infection, oral steroids are what I need, followed by a few weeks of increased steroid inhaler until my lungs have fully calmed down.


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