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LABA combination inhalers and reflux

Hello i started getting reflux about 5 years ago which coincided with being put on Seretide. I dicussed this with my GP and he said it was a coincidence. Id been taking 4 x 250 dosage a day for about a year now and my reflux is chronic. Im on all the reflux meds which help but recently i got a helpfull gp to just pescribe me the steroid part of the inhaler fluticasone Flixotide and the laba salmetrol serevent separately. Im a week in on just the steroid but ive not noticed any change. My fear is the possible weakening of the LES is permanent. This is all just a theory but there dors seem to be some evidence to support it. Im interested to hear from anyone else who has experinced the same and got results please.

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I didn’t have the same problem with Seretide, but you may want to ask you your doctor to check for other causes of Reflux. Such as Helicobacter Pylori.

R xx


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