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Are you affected by pollen?

Hi everyone,

It's a bit early for pollen I know, but we're looking for people to chat to who have been affected

•Exam season April/May – someone whose exams were a struggle because of their hay fever making their asthma worse or you didn't do as well as you thought

•Grass pollen season (summer) – have you ever had a flare up at something like a June wedding or a music festival or a child’s sports day or a family picnic or even a garden show .

Ideally we want people who will share their story with photo; potentially even be in a video, and even be happy to speak to journalists.

IF that sounds like you and you're happy to share your story with me and feel free to PM or email me at aghosh@asthma.org.uk



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I am happy to help. I get flare ups every June/ July.


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